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  1. Thanks, the listed client is Lloyd's and that robbersway are working on behalf of them, which I gather means the loan has not been sold to them. Would it be advisable to deal only with Lloyd's and stop paying robinsons way, my concern is this loan has now dropped off my credit file and stirring the pot could be costly to myself. Do you think it's worth pursuing, by writing a letter to Lloyd's or are there other avenues I could take.
  2. In 2004 myself and my now ex husband went into Lloyd's for a consolidation loan, based on a loan and credit card he had taken out. He was in the navy and I worked part time and was a full time mum. As he had debt and I did not, we were told for a lower interest rate they could give me a loan based on his wages. The loan was for £22k and paid for his previous loans and an £8k credit card debt he had. The loan was in my name alone and he made the payments from his account. In 2007 he was medically discharged from the navy, I called Lloyds and attempted to make a claim on the ppi, I was told that as the loan was in my name I was unable to. I argued that the loan had been in my name alone and that it had all been based on his wages. I ended up going to the financial ombudsman. Eventually Lloyds agreed to pay the ppi, this only lasted 12 months. At the time we were in no position to pay as he was not working and I was a student. I came to a repayment agreement with Lloyd's. All interest was stopped and the agreement plan continued. This continued until I got a letter from robinsons way saying they had taken over the loan from Lloyd's. In 2013 my ex and I split, leaving me as I see it with his debt and which he refuses to take responsibility for. I have continued to pay robinsons way whom I receive letters from, I also get 6 monthly updates from Lloyd's on how my debt repayments are going. I would like to challenge this as a misold loan and I hoping someone reading this can point me in the right direction Thank you for reading.
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