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  1. Thanks, It’s been uplifted to another Peugeot garage so see what they say but it’ll be a couple of weeks before they can look at it if it comes back the same I’ll pursue independent garages for reports
  2. Thanks for your replies, Peugeot mechanics failed to spot the leak within the car and had no idea other than it must be a clutch problem. I think it’s a failed master cylinder, even so I would think most drivers would expect that a clutch last longer than 27800 miles? It makes a mockery of the warranty that is supposed to give you peace of mind as you pay a premium for a new car.
  3. I bought a Peugeot 2008 in March 2017 with 3 years new car warranty on vehicle. it has had a warranty repair in 08/18 for a leaking oil pump with 14000 miles on clock. Now the car is 2 and 1/2 years old with 21790 miles on clock the clutch feels springy. Took it to authorised dealer who stated on paperwork that clutch is ‘springy’ after having it for 8 hours. The dealership state that they need me to agree to £854 (8 hours labour) to investigate if it’s wear and tear or a warranty fault. This seems an horrendous amount of money and in any case my expectation is that a clutch would la
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