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  1. Nobody has had issues from ignoring it? I mean they haven’t done anything apart from ask me questions which I actually rung them back, and open a self assessment with hmrc which they’re telling me to cancel.. dont want to end up having bailiffs round when I’ve just had a baby!
  2. I have received a letter this weekend asking for £94. I have seen on a post similar to this last year to ignore it. Shall I??!! Thanks
  3. Hi there


    i have seen this thread and i am in the same situation. I wondered how it was resolved?? Did you ignore them, did you pay? 



  4. Thank you. I’ve rung up a 3rd time and asked to cancel and they did it within seconds. She didn’t mention any charges. So see what happens moving forwards with the money they want to try and charge me!
  5. No they haven’t they say it’s only an estimate anyway. I’m waiting for the forms which they claim is ‘their work carried out’ to be sent to me with the estimate on it and all details I’ve given them over the phone. I then have to check and sign this and send it back to them. theh said these can take 4/6 weeks to arrive with me anyway!
  6. Having had a phone call just now they will charge £96 to cancel the claim. So i may as well get my rebate and suffer the consequences of them taking their fee from it which she quoted as 28% plus £96? And just let this be a lesson to me?!
  7. Yes which you don’t get told until you research or are a stickler for reading t&cs they still haven’t said they charge to me on the phone or in writing.
  8. https://workmileagetaxrebate.co.uk/ thanks
  9. Work mileage tax Rebate or as I have found out from research Online Processing. Im going to call today and say I dont want them to pursue my claim and put it in writing as per their t&cs but I feel like they may still send me charges for ‘work carried out’ as I have previously seen in reviews etc. Thanks
  10. Hi i have seen a couple of threads regarding the above from last year. I also made the mistake of using these to register my details and start a mileage tax relief rebate. I received an email 2/7/19 saying how it works. Again no mention of payment terms. They sent me a letter in the post asking for my NI number, employment details and a signature/date to say that I accept the t&cs (which I didn’t read until just before) , the information provided is accurate and that i will review and approve the form before submission of the form (which ive not had yet) and i sent
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