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  1. I rang up to see when the papers were coming out. I am completely non plused by it.
  2. Hi Thanks dor taking the time to do this, especially in the day. It turns out that I was given the completely wrong information, it as been re-listed for the 8th of Aug. I have no idea what is going on or how they can make this level of mistake.
  3. Thank you very much. I'm not rushing and I know you are busy so thank you.
  4. Ah, some good news!! Yes, I hadn't thought of that. Yes I will, I don't know how to get past the mandatory "I want to move back into my home" it's an obvious lie, but there's no way I can prove it.
  5. Morning. If it costs 250, then no. I don't get paid until the 28th.
  6. Spot on, thank you. Will they give me a hearing before a week in Friday?
  7. Thanks for that. So there's no recourse if the documents are intercepted by a third party and hidden? That's comforting. Is what it is, I suppose.
  8. Hi, I know it's Sunday and you are volunteers but if someone could bump this if possible please? I'm wanting to get a rough idea regards my last post. Thanks again.
  9. Good morning. Is it possible for someone to please advise on the following? Can I make a Statatory declaration to the court as I had no knowledge of this case? Is it possible to complain against the ruling of a District Judge if I feel his decision did not follow the correct protocol? Thank you
  10. Thanks. I have no idea as I've not had sight of the court papers, this is just what I was told over the phone. I will advise when I get them. Could you confirm if I can make the equivalent of a Statatory declaration? As I had no knowledge of this until 3pm the day before with no chance of getting back. Also can I put in a complaint about the judges decision, it's evident that he has not followed the guidelines?
  11. No, I don't. Money order was for £3700 So I know that IF my counter claim for 3439 was awarded ( and it's a big if) then that would allow me to clear the arears. Though I'm not holding my breath, the solicitor said that the fact that he's blatantly stated he didn't need to secure it (evidence via text) and that he is a professional Landlord should see him get the full x3 fine. Is it a criminal offence to not secure the deposit? What does worry me is that I can not get out of the house in the two weeks allowed. I would like advise on this is you have the time. Al
  12. Hi, Ell-en That's great advice, thank you. Unfortunately there's no way I can afford that. Until yesterday I didn't know someone could charge that for an hourly rate. I'm learning a lot.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. This is now a fight around avoiding bankruptcy, however with the size of the money order and the inaccuraciy of the amount there is no other option. The LL says he wants to move back in (blatantly liying, as he has a massive house but I can't prove he won't) so I won't be able to get it suspended as he's claiming a mandatory reason. Being a realist, and not rude in anyway I promise, is there any point as I won't get a suspension...is the only way to counter claim now going to be by paying £250? I spoke briefly with a Solicitor from a dece
  14. So quick update by phone. Judge issued possession order with a date of two weeks today and a money order for the full amount. He complete ignored my request for a new hearing and my situation. I'm just in shock at the moment, I'm going to issue a complaint as I feel he has not followed the correct procedures. Unable and unwilling to pay the money order so that will go on my credit file so I am applying for bankruptcy when I get paid as I might as well. Such a real shame as I was willing to work with the LL to pay down the arrears even when I left. I
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