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  1. thank you dx, the new title looks good!! I will certainly be donating as soon as the cheque has cleared as your help was very much appreciated, proof that you don't need to go to these claims companies to succeed, there are people like yourself willing to help and advise, taking up a lot of your own time, sorry for all the questions but we got there in the end!! p.s. I have a couple more to dig out before the deadline
  2. thanks, my cisheets were previously dated to feb of this year, so the calculation was showing much much higher, you earlier corrected me that the date should have been the point that they stopped charging me so i changed it to apr 2015 and got down to nearer what they have offered....... however with the date changed to apr 2015 the cisheets combined add up to £10,234.49, where they have calculated £7,405.95 (section B on offer photo)........
  3. I originally did them individually for each time the interest rate had changed, I understand now I should have used average, the missing months are statements I cannot find in my files and were not included in the sar, I've attached the offer -
  4. thank you for your reply, i have changed the date on the cisheets to 22/04/2015 which was the point that pbp was cancelled on the account, it still amounts to more than they have calculated....... I haven't done a statint sheet 24012001-23092004 int 1.583 per month.xlsx 23102004-23122005 int 1.666 per month.xlsx 23012006-18092014 int 1.873 per month.xlsx 20102014-22042015 int 1.870 per month.xlsx
  5. Hi, I have had to rejoin under a new username - this is my original thread to cut a very long story short, Barclays have sent me a cheque for A. refund of all monthly payments made to payment break plan B. refund of interest charged on pbp and account fees C. 8% statutory interest compensation D. refund of fees incurred due to pbp E. income tax deduction whilst I am happy that they have upheld my complaint, I thought that I would receive compound interest.......the compound interest spreadsheet calculation was almost double the offer. Does this sound right in your opinion? thanks in advance Disco_V_rescue
  6. Hello dx, I hadn't posted for a while and appear to be locked out, i have rejoined under this username but would like to update my previous thread, please are you able to help -


  7. Thanks dx, I still haven't got round to submitting my claim yet, was just looking for some advice from someone that has succeeded with the same scenario, perhaps Colli52 could answer on my thread Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Colli52, Congratulations on your success!! I am also owed money from payment break plan, my credit card was Providian then Monument and now Barclays. I am interested to know what your original letter to them contained, did you include details of your employment at the time? Did you provide them with a figure of money owed to you? Did you send in the questionnaire? Or did you simply just ask them to look at your account? Sorry for all the questions but I have been meaning to sort mine out for a long long time but still not sure how.
  9. no not yet, barclays sent me one of their questionnaires but you advised earlier not to use that one
  10. thanks dx once the CIsheet is completed, what should I do next? also will the 8% interest apply, if so how do I calculate?
  11. Oh I see What can I do about the earlier missing statements, despite the account being opened sept 2000, the earliest statement they have sent is aug 2003, of the 34 copy statements missing I only have 7 originals myself
  12. Thank you - monthly interest rates converted gives me - (compounded) - 20.74 21.93 24.94 24.9 92.51 divided by 4 = avg of 23.12 (non compounded) - 19.01 20.01 22.5 22.46 83.98 divided by 4 = avg of 20.99 should I enter 23.12 compounded or 20.99 non compounded? sorry for all the questions but I want to be sure its correct
  13. I've attached my completed CIsheets, 4 in total, 1 for each slight interest rate change from time to time, I did use the compounded value that the stoozing converter gave me, I'm wondering now should I change to the non compounded rate 23012006-18092014 int 1.873 per month.pdf 20102014-22042015 int 1.870 per month.pdf 23102004-23122005 int 1.666 per month.pdf 24012001-23092004 int 1.583 per month.pdf
  14. I've used the stoozing calc, when I entered the monthly int rate of 1.583 it gave me 2 values compounded and non compounded, I wondered which one do I put into the APR box on the CIsheet?
  15. Thank you dx, the interest shows on the statement as - merchandise interest at 1.583% per month - is this x12 to get the APR? also - do I leave the claim to date as today for now?
  16. UPDATE - I refused to pay the company to come and inspect the sofas and asked them if they'd rather me return them to the store I purchased them from, after a few phone calls and emails providing them with photos, they have invited me to return to the store and choose replacement furniture. I'm pleased that they agree with me on the condition of my furniture and look forward to choosing replacements, at the moment I haven't seen anything I like so I'll hang on a little longer.
  17. FINALLY!!!!!! After many phone calls, a further SAR application being made online and a visit to my local branch to collect a document... ....I mean a parcel !! I am now in possession of the statements I requested.. ...well......some of them, despite the account being opened sept 2000, the earliest statement they have sent is aug 2003, of the 34 copy statements missing I only have 7 originals myself, I guess thats as far as they can go back. I think I should work out the figure next, can anyone advise please?
  18. Still no sign of a reply to SAR, 72 days now count sat/sun and BH, 50 days just counting working days.............What should my next step be? It's probably worth mentioning that silly me didn't send it recorded or signed for
  19. Day 50 today and still no reply, that's including sat/Sundays and the bank holiday days, 34 days if I take those out
  20. Thanks dx, must be a gremlin in the works on this thread as it works on my other......... Anyway, there's my peeling sofas, what do you think?
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