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  1. Okay I’ll hold fire there for now. I just want to get this resolved with Sky, just how to best do that I have no idea.
  2. They paid me but have not said anything, I was thinking I would bring it to their attention to be honest and be up front
  3. I sold it to one of the phone recycle companies as they offered a price as good as I could get from eBay etc. The block they have done is an imei block, the same as if you report it stolen If worst comes to worst I will pay for the phone and just refund the company too but the whole thing is just constantly going around in my mind - I never expected any of this to happen but it is causing me a great deal of anxiety
  4. None whatsoever, and this was something I thought, I was happy to send them any ID or anything if it would help with it. If I just pay them for the phone if they accept, then apply for it to be unblocked, would that likely be the only route I have here?
  5. This is a link to the agreement - https://www.sky.com/shop/__PDF/Sky-Mobile-Contract.pdf
  6. This has just worried me even more Shall I just tell them and see what they say?
  7. Any advice? I just don't know the best way to handle it. As I said, if I have to I will pay for the phone, but they have bricked it :/
  8. Weirdly on their trust pilot the exact same thing happened to somebody recently (most recent review) but they had not sold the phone so no issues. My information should have been fine but I cannot go back and check but it was my address, name, dob as you had to show ID for the delivery which my dad did..
  9. sky mobile is the company. To be honest I have no idea if they are separate agreements but they list them separately on the bill breakdown.
  10. Hi, I need some advice with the legalities surrounding a mobile phone contract - Please can somebody help! Sorry, this might be long but I need to give the full story. I have bad credit, but needed a new contract as I was looking for something different, I applied for one with an iphone not expecting really to be accepted but stranger things have happened to me. I have done this many times before, always declined. This time, I applied online, and received an email stating I would hear after checks were done. I was approved online within 30 min
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