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  1. HMRC messed up our Tax Credits years ago, we ended up having to pay them back. Long story short, I had had no notification from HMRC as to how much was still owed after paying off for 5 years (nothing showing up on my Tax Credits paperwork) and so cancelled the payment. Several reminders later, HMRC have now passed our debt onto Advantis. It states that ‘We have been asked by HMRC to contact you on their behalf’ and ‘If you don’t contact us or pay......HMRC has instructed us to pass on your debt to debt collection agents for recovery’. I’ve been with Payplan for a number of years, my question now is, at this point, could I pass this onto Payplan to add to our plan, and should I give Advantis a call to tell them this? Part of the reason anyone enters into a Debt Management Plan is so that we don’t have to make those calls, and I’ve suffered many years of anxiety over our finances. It makes me physically sick when I have to speak to anyone about it, and I can’t give them what I still don’t have! Thanks for the advice in advance
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