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  1. (Removed again....unredacted.....claims numbers date of birth and name and address showing)
  2. 6months...is that the 179 or the total 2000
  3. Do I have to pay 179 up front? Or can I fix a plan.
  4. Claim number still showing please redact. Andy
  5. I'll see if I can get them. I'm in the Nederlands atm until the 26th. I recognise the debt. It began with a dispute because they were not clear. It was a no interest for 12 months items. But the money they were taking did not go towards them. Then they added on interest. This I believe is from 2012.
  6. There was no date... . No hearing.. . No judge named to summon. . Even when it came to the outcome... The was no stamped documents... The emblem wasn't real .. And I've been to court a few times. The letters where not stamped. No judge summoning.. Etc
  7. Did not know that. I can't afford the £179.25 up front. So is there a way I can split them payments all across the board whilst I have other creditors. Should I call the bailiffs or Lowell.
  8. Original creditor is shop direct. I don't have all my information with me as I am abroad atm. But I've been sent these at my correspondence address. I've had no contact with Lowell. But I was in receipt of fake County Court documents. And also notified about a fake County Court judgement. There was no Court date. No judges name. And the documents had fake emblems on them. Giving no indication of which County Court other than a "Business Centre" I have now received these. And I'm not sure what to do. Fast response pl
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