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  1. Hi all that’s great, thank you very much for the info... so : 1. stepchange details and last date (which could be 2017 though ) 2. It’s on hold with moorcroft until the 3rd August, what’s best to do or say to them pls in this instance ? weve been saying we know there’s a debt however the figures do not add up, the default sum is £8800 and the amount they are asking is £10,499 we asked for how it got to that they have only sent a payment summary, credit agreement and (possibly not in the right format) default notice 3. So do not put in a sar to either of them ? Many thanks again Amanda
  2. Hi all, we are hoping you can give us some advice (my brother) please regarding an old loan with Santander that has been passed to Moorcroft for collection. The loan was defaulted in April 6 years ago so has dropped off the file, the debt was with step change for a period of time and the default balance was £8800. The loan was for £10,000 @ 13.9 apr which made it £13,400 and something. Moorcroft are chasing £10,499 which is not the default amount and after repeated emails asking for further information to be told Santander had not got anything - we put in a SAR to Moorcroft (is it their duty to reply to this or the OC Santanders ?) they told us Santander need the SAR not Moorcroft, now they have produced a default notice and a copy of the credit agreement but no statement of account showing how they get it to £10,499. They sent a list of payments to the account but no other accounting figuresAny advice at all would be appreciated pleasekind regards
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