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  1. And chances are Tesco won’t go back over the issue as it would cost them more than the costs they are claiming I assume? Thanks for the advice, definitely peace of mind stuff
  2. So should I take the threats in the letter seriously? that is what I’m trying to get at?
  3. Dwf. Got the third letter from them today saying they’ll consider various actions to claim the money
  4. The money they are claiming when I ignore them further? Judging by older threads here, I shouldn’t hear any more from them now I have had three letters. Does that sound about right? Thanks for all the advice
  5. Haha just the actual mention of court action, bailiffs etc etc is more demanding than the last letter which mentions I just owe them money
  6. Hi, thanks, I assume the unknown is in response to how many letters will be sent the 3rd letter is much scarier in threats than the previous two
  7. Hi, Just some advice to put me at ease would be best. 3rd letter from DWF has arrived RE: shoplifting at Tesco. Has as anyone ever been taken to court by dwf, or will they give up after this letter? Thanks
  8. Hi all, just some confirmation advice required please. Attached is letter number 1 from DWF regarding money they say I owe them. All goods were returned to the store and no police involvement. Is it perfectly okay, as mentioned in other forums, to ignore this letter and I won’t get taken to court etc? I have been stressed recently and spent the last week thinking about my actions and sorting it out, now I’m just worried about future letters and further action? Will they go back to Tesco if they don’t hear from me?
  9. Hi all, been sent letter from DWF asking for £170 payment regarding a shoplifting event. The costs are for the security costs and stolen goods which the store kept etc. Am I correct in saying I can ignore these and after 2-3 more letters will hear no more about it? Thanks in advance
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