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  1. See the above very recent press releases: Courts will rule in December on the $4bn case against Ford..and.. "Overseas, Ford paid a $10 million AUD (about $7 million USD) fine to the Australian government for “unconscionable” treatment of customers when they complained about transmission issues. In September 2018, a Bangkok civil court handed down a 23 million baht (about $750,000) ruling against Ford to compensate owners". Why isn't there a Group litigation order (GLOs) happening in the Uk? Can't we start one?
  2. here they are: https://jalopnik.com/ford-faces-4-billion-lawsuit-for-allegedly-lying-about-1834636776 https://www.tflcar.com/2019/07/investigation-concludes-ford-knew-about-focus-and-fiesta-transmission-issues-and-kept-selling-both-cars-anyway/ http://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/22773/ford_knowingly_sold_focus_fiesta_with_faulty_transmissions_for_years_freep_reports
  3. Hammy Ford Fiesta Titanium reg date 18/03/2013 yes it was recalled and Transmission replaced and then after 2 years later, just 5,000 miles it was diagnosed again and replaced at a cost of over £500 pounds The garage firstly asked Ford for some contribution..they refused.. I paid the bill and have since had many emails with Ford CS quoting all the relevant details of the class actions, reports etc ..but they just responded with outside warranty!!! I have actually sold the car and bought a Honda ..but have recently seen some more recent press report which made me evenmadderatford!
  4. So is there anyone who would like to join a multiple-party litigation for the transmission problem against Ford?
  5. I may be naive but why can't it?....and if not UK why not through a European court?
  6. I have experienced the same as everyone else..couldn't we try to get a Class Action.? Surely there would be a solicitor who would take it on ...when there are so many other action in other countries Please respond
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