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  1. Thanks BA The vehicle was handed back before the contravention (Short term lease), unfortunately the leasing company didn't send me a report to say it had been handed back. The agreement term covered the date I was there so it looks as though as I was the driver, yet I wasn't hence the reason I sent the letters back to the Company who leased me the vehicle. There admin team told me over the phone that they will pass it on to the person who had the vehicle after me (I believe it was an employee of the company) I have paid the fine directly to the Council and I will claim this back from the finance/Car leasing company. The bailiff threatened to come round of Saturday/ Sunday but yet he never turned up.
  2. Te9 and te7 only emailed today. The council refused payment, and is sending it over to rundles. The Logbook wasn’t in my name it was short term lease wher the lease company holds v5
  3. 1. Received a notice of enforcement for a parking ticket in october 2017. 2. I was not the registered keeper as it was a HP company 3. I sent letters to the HP company who I thought had dealt with it. 4. Received a NOTICE of ENFORCEMENT from Rundles - AUGUST 2018 5. Enforcement officer visited and pushed a letter through the door demanding £388. 6. Ive paid council £82.00 directly 7. I have submitted a TE9 & TE7 8. Enforcement officer is still looking to pursue and is threatening to return over the weekend. 9. Council is refusing to accept payment and is passing payment onto the Enforcement Agency What is the next step.
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