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  1. Good morning, I have recently completed a ban for DD40 in Scotland. I'm required to sit an extended test as is the mandatory sentencing guidelines. I have that test booked in 6 weeks however I have seen a good deal on a car and would like to purchase it before hand and have it delivered. My question is what type of insurance do I go for as the car will be sat on my driveway unused. I had considered SORN however my brother is going to drive it 2 or 3 times over the 6 week period (using temp insurance cover) to give it a run so SORN won't be an option. Also I have had to reapply for my driving licence and this of course it now a provisional however I have 5 years NCD from my previous car that I have confirmed with Axa is still valid so do I declare this on a new insurance policy? I also held my licence previously for 11 years with no convictions, points etc. Adrian Flux had confirmed to me that when applying for insurance I should be stating that I have held my licence for 11 years and not the few months I have had the provisional. All very confusing. The main question would be am I better off calling a particular insurer and explaining the situation as the comparison sites don't have an option for my current situation.
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