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  1. Greedy pennies...cancelled..sar to follow... playing the waiting game now...
  2. all the debts were pre 2009 i did included the amounts and original creditors in the list ..some of the debts..the overdrafts with rbs go back to 1999 why bar the overdraft debts please ?
  3. hi...looking for some advice please... I've been with gregory pennington for 10 yrs its for 5 debts . I'm thinking of cancelling them now as I'm sick of the harassment to do a yearly update.. even though nothings changed and I'm paying them 38 quid a month for the honour. my debts have all been moved from the original creditors to debt collection companies. heres a list ... Cabot Financial Services Ltd £2307.66 (overdraft ex rbs) Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd £459.40 (credit card ex mbna) Cabot £2614.25 (credit card ex rbs) Wescot Credit Services Limited £5134.48 (credit car
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