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  1. Thanks.. ill get re reading ..I did do a lot of research initially but got lazy ill wait for the letter of claim
  2. oh right.. .so even though they say its enforceable and they can get a CCJ against me...it may not be? Should I ignore them or do I just admit defeat...and pay up... your help is invaluable thanks
  3. Im not sure about the general conditions, but they did quote my name and address at that time on the agreement with Rbs. I can't remember about 2 cards going onto this one ..I think this was a backup card for emergencies but I can't remember. as for when it was taken out I'm not sure it must have been when they say but It was added to the original dmp. as the amp didn't get in place till oct 2010.....its a long time ago the only docs I have are in the pdf attached above !
  4. re: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/417497-ive-been-with-gregory-pennington-for-10-yrs-should-i-leave/ I've had the response from cabot.. syaing they have now found the cca.. but mention something about it may be reconstituted? I've posted them up here ..any thoughts anyone ? cabot.pdf
  5. Thank you so much for the info. ill pay them for now..and revisit if it is sold on. ps...how do I contribute financially to the site ?
  6. yes it is . .it was printed on 2 pages which I had to cut and sellotape together the whole thing was distorted.i can reuse it if it helps.
  7. this is what they have sent in reply to my offer. Do I send them a letter saying the cca was not compliant so they know I'm aware of it at least ? santander:wescot.pdf
  8. Thank You. Your humble opinion is as good as it get s !! ill wait and see what happens.
  9. I did make them an offer of £25 per month..but haven't had a response yet..I know I should have waited but I was away working away for a while...does that change anything... this part of the thing is interest only as it was front loaded when I took it out. do I just wait and ignore any further contact from them or wet cloths ?
  10. oh really....what should I do boss ?
  11. Thats all they sent and I had to stick it together with sellotape... any thoughts DX100 ?
  12. Been working away for a while..sorry.. Santander found the original cca here it is.. its very odd looking.. do I now set up a payment plan for them ?
  13. dam...they found a cca from 2006..santander debts still both stand.. heres what they came up with..doubt there's much i can do but continue payments.
  14. cheers ..ill do as I'm told from now on no more monkeys !
  15. i only sent it too wet cloths as they seem to be acting for satans bank... not heard anything about the other debts yet ..may be good news on those i hope. i did send all the CCA's off on 1 aug so they may be struggling...i hope so. which letter do you mean is it the pro rata payment request ?
  16. Hi .. I've been using this site for a month or so and its been great.. i sent a CCA to wescot who are looking after the santander loan debt from 2006. They found it ..i was just wondering should i just restart payments or is there something else anyone may know..ive attached the pdf of the CCA. santander.pdf
  17. dam...they found the original cca with alliance and Leicester ...looks like its the original one signed and dated in sept 2006... looks like ill have tp pay this one
  18. ha ha ha..so far I've had one letter from cabot saying they can't find the cca so its unenforceable but they'd like me to keep paying.... not going to happen... santander debts...they are looking for the cca 's wescot...nothing so far...this is great ..illl be making a donation on pay day ..thankyou
  19. cca requests all sent now except for the one to cabot as they have the overdrafts in one account ??? only found out that one going through paperwork . waiting game now ...
  20. sorry..im a little confused... I've sacked off greg pen I'm now waiting for the stuff to hit the fan.. do i wait for the individual companies to get in touch?. Also do i send them an sar or a cca letter ..sorry to be stupid..but I've spent years perfecting it
  21. Hi DX100..


    bit off topic but

    .is that a ref to the yamaha dx100...i used to have one ..loved it


  22. here is the reply from greg pen. Dear xxxxx Thank you for your email regarding closing your Debt Management Plan. To confirm, I have now suspended your plan and also sent over your creditor list as requested. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide bank details. I would like the opportunity to discuss this further to ensure there isn’t any further help we can provide. Please provide a suitable time and day to allow us to call. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask. Kind regards, xxxxedited Client Request For
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