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  1. Thankyou. Yes, Ive paid for an enhanced DBS certificate and that completely clear. I guess my fear is that it specifically states 'we do random enhanced civil recovery checks via Cireco'. I know that I have no criminal record at all, but am still concerned this will affect my employment
  2. Thanks. I dont understand much about this but youve made it clearer. Out of interest, my job are asking me to sign to enable them to look up my identity/employment checks with Cireco if required (e.g. chosen by their 'random checks). If i sign this, which i feel like i should, would this still be against DPA on RLP's behalf? As i would not have signed a document from RLP? Hopefully that makes some sort of sense!
  3. Thankyou for the reassurance. This is greatly appreciated. I just hope this hasn't ruined my career forever!
  4. @IM569 Hello, thankyou for the helpful reply. The employment form simply says 'we do identity checks as part of our pre-employment screening for everyone working at **. We carry out random checks using Cireco, there are two types: advanced civil recovery, and basic criminal record. We reserve the right to terminate your employment if any findings come out of these checks. You will receive an email if chosen for an advanced civil recovery check' No, i did not end up paying.
  5. No, i wasnt taken to a security room or anything. I was just taken to the till. The woman asked me to write my address down and looked at my ID. She then said id be getting a letter from third-party to claim back expenses.
  6. Thankyou for your response. I definitely will consider it, however at the moment its not the money which im stressed about. Ive been given a really good graduate job in healthcare and if they see this on a so-called database, its unlikely theyll keep the offer. Apparently Cireco get all the data from RLP and store it
  7. Hello. About 3 months ago i had a very bad experience and was caught taking a box of bars from the range. It was approx £8 worth. No police were involved. My details were taken and I received a letter from RLP in the post a few weeks after. I know I shouldnt have, but I paid the money as I just wanted it all to be over. My mental health was not in a good place at the time and I did not need this on my shoulders. I have just been given a new job (my dream one infact!). Today I received all the information through, and was asked to sign a form so that they could do 2 checks: The identity check and the enhanced civil recovery check. I am very scared about this. Will I be on the database for Cireco? Will I lose my job offer? It was a complete one off and as i say, i was in a very bad place mentally. I have had treatment etc and it has now resolved.
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