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  1. Hey there... Well I haven't heard anything from them... So let's hope so ! :)
  2. Sorry- should I take the attachments down? And didn't look at what ?
  3. Just a quick update on my case... So I recieved a letter from Dryden today. So now I await my fate...
  4. Hi Ken I signed into the student loans website with my email and then followed the prompts to reset my password and it worked! I'd never even used it before but thought it was worth a go !
  5. I know - that puzzled me too ? Can't think why I would have made that payment - maybe missed a deferment and had to catch up. Although Ive had 2 babies since then - nothing stays in my brain too long anymore ! And I don't recall much pre millennium! So my next step is to reply to their PAP letter with the SB letter. On it.
  6. Ok will do, Thank you Dx On a side note - I've just somehow managed to log into my student loans account and found out the following... Not sure how up to date it is - but would appear last deferment pack sent out in May 2013 - but when would I have defaulted in this case ? I will go read PAP thread.
  7. Ok... So I called again and they finally let me speak with a supervisor (after some reciting of the financial acts). Who was somewhat vague to say the least, but after some persistence he clarified that the last deferment pack was sent out in 2004 ? Which seems odd ? I'm sure I deferred after that date but can't be sure. He did add that they send annual statements out on behalf of Erudio (?) and they last sent one in September 2013. What next ....
  8. Hi there Sorry if I've jumped in where I shouldnt... but I'm brand new to this group and have spent the last hour trawling through threads to try and establish which route I need to take in my situation. To be honest, I have got kind of lost in the jargon and legal aspects of it all, but I'm hoping someone can kindly advise or point me in the right direction ! I took out 2 student loans in 1996 and 1997. I then deferred successfully until the SLC sold out to Erudio Student Loans Ltd. This is where my issues begun before I knew it I w
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