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  1. Thank you Slick I will get these letters sent out today and keep you updated. I appreciate the help
  2. Hi slick, I think notice was given around 26th January 2019. My last day at the gym was definitely in January. Final DD was paid on February 1st 2019
  3. Hi, here is my draft: I am writing to you with regard to my letter of cancellation which was delivered by hand back in January. It was received by your staff and appears to be subsequently lost. The contents of which explained my reasons for cancellation. I would like to inform you that due to me cancelling with 30 days’ written notice that I have no intention to pay anything or of communicating further and to let you know that if you want to start legal action then you may go ahead but it will be vigorously defended.
  4. Thank you both for your swift responses. I'll draft a letter today. Will it be okay to post it on here for your approval before sending? BF - thank you for your advice, it is duly noted and we can rest assured that this will not happen again. I'll follow the advice on here and keep copies of everything. Lesson learned.
  5. Good morning. I have read a lot of your threads about gym contracts and arc/majorlaw. I have found them very useful and learned a lot, now I am just looking for some advice. I cancelled my one months rolling contract with Bannatynes as per their contract by giving 30 days written notice (unfortunately i had not read this forum sooner and wrote this letter by hand then handed it to their reception staff) back in January of this year. I have been in dispute with Bannatynes about the cancellation as they are claiming that they had never received my cancellation letter and are therefore trying to claim another month's payment from me. However, although i didn't get a receipt at the time of cancellation, am i right in saying that notice can be given in many forms as set out in the High Court ruling on the OFT v AMSL back in 2011 Since then I have obviously been 'harrassed' by arc europe and followed your advice after reading your posts to not engage with them on the phone. They then went ahead with their next tactic of issuing me a letter from major law threatening me with 'seeking the clients instructions with court action' as they do. The funny thing is that I received this letter from arc europe before my dispute with Bannatynes had been responded to and the dispute is ongoing. Which, i believe, after reading the thread on how they lost in court, the one one time they tried to take a CAG member to court (which i can't find now). I believe is a breach of the high court ruling set out back in 2011. Am i right in thinking this? I received this email from bannatynes in the afternoon of the June 27th this year and a letter from major law in the morning of the 27th June this year. So i am assuming that the letter was sent 1 -2 days prior to the email. Bannatynes have instructed me to pay 'just' the one month fee of £59 (which i am reluctant to do as i cancelled my contract giving the appropriate notice). Where as arc/major law are obviously demanding more! I would just like some advice on whether it is safe to ignore them (arc/major law) or if it is better to send them a letter to cover my back, and prevent any other tactics that they may try in the future. I was thinking a modified version of this letter https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/409341-arc-amp-major-law-letters-on-behalf-of-bannatynes/?tab=comments#comment-4899108 Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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