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  1. Hi. I am new to this forum, so apology if i am posting this in wrong forum or if i missed something. I have been recently [edited] by PEACOCK INSURANCE SERVICES based in coventry. And now that i have done some research, i have realised that i am not the only one. This company has questionable practices, bordering at illegal in my opinion. After reading many reviews and also talking to some people who have been directly affected, what these people do is, they quote you way less than other quotes you are getting, pressure sell the policy over the phone, saying stuff like price valid only for today (although quote should be valid for certain number of days, of course most of us don`t realise that at that point). Then they take minimal details and and tell the underwriters something else (as reflected in documents they send later), deny all your claims, and finally wait 14+ days and cancel your policy of false information pretext, or that documents need to be sent in 7 days (i.e no claims, when over the initial call they clearly state 21 days). So now you have a cancellation on your hands, and now that 14 days cooling off has passed, their cancellation charges are at least 60% - 70% of your yearly total premium. If you are stupid enough (like me) to pay full premium upfront, then you will have to wait 2-3 months to get the measly 30% back if your lucky. Now this post is for two reasons, one to get an opinion from experts to suggest what can be done, and Secondly to get people effected by these clowns together so we can take collective action against these cowboys. Maybe at least save people from this in the future. So anyone effected please reply to this post.
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