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  1. All sorted now finally sorted and yes its nothing to do with me matter now resolved
  2. No didnt know i had a ticket and no we both dont have same name if you read sample name my last name is not on the script my first name and middle name is on it not my last name , when i brought the van i paid a deposit on it but didnt collect van for a week or so
  3. Need some advise had bailiffs at my door for some parking ticket on a council car park Reason being on his notes he was looking for a person same firstname as mine but lastname colin even though my middlename is colin not my lastname told him I'm not that person as that was not my surname he has on his papers after a few polite words to him he threatened to take my van 1, its a work van 2, im self employed so need the van for work 3 , the previous owner was ment to forward the v5 to me but didnt i called dvla and van comes back as unregistered owner told me to fill a form in for new v5 will be in my name not the name the bailiff has example of what i mean Fred joe bloggs ( name ) Fred joe (ballifs script ) Where do i stand
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