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  1. Well thank you peeps for your help on this, folks taking time & trouble to run forums like this and offering free guidance is the positive side of the Internet. I will now bide my time and see what other blurb these come up with. Thanks again John
  2. do you mean they are waving nets in the air and are just hoping some people pay up? The only correspondence we've had is what they sent to us, we have not contacted them at all
  3. do you mean they are waving nets in the air and are just hoping some people pay up?
  4. She paid cash & we dont live local i'm afraid, she had to put in the reg. number. If i upload the scan of the ANPR my name and address will be on it so how can i do that?
  5. hi thx for the quick response; this was an ANPR received in the post. infringement was on 6/6/19. The letter is dated 25/6/19. I received it on 28/6/19. It does NOT mention schedule4. there is photographs with our start time and exit time. I have not yet responded to the letter although I realise the they have given me until 24/7/19 to pay the lesser amount. the parking company is Smart Parking Ltd., and the car park is Goose Green multi storey, Altrincham, Manchester. The letter does not display who they are affiliated to. regards John
  6. hi, we recently took a trip to Norway from Manchester airport and decided to arrive the day before and stop over-night near the airport. We arrived in Manchester early so decided to drop in at Altrincham for a couple of hours. We parked in the Goose Green multi storey and put on 2-3 hours we think. this was on 6 june '19. we come back from Norway and on 28 june '19 we receive a parking charge notice stating they require £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days. they have photo evidence of us being there between 14:28 and 16:03 on the 6 june, which we were! we now do not have the ticket to prove we paid so what do we do please. I am currently working late shift so I can post a copy of the notice at some other time if that helps.
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