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  1. Thank you to everyone for your advice and help. I contacted his insurers and had a law thrown at them but still refused to take the claim forward saying that they needed to protect their driver and that his word is against mine even though the evidence show otherwise. They seems there are buckets full of negative reviews about them so I am not surprised about their response. They first say (First central or 1st central) that his insurance is voided and cannot pursue the claim, then they come up with the other version of event to say that it is my fault and then they say that he was not ev
  2. it is true. when I come off the taxi insurance, all the insurers would not consider the two years that I did as NCB. the worst is when they told me that I lost all my previous years when I started driving as a Taxi driver. I would not believe it first but it is what it is. Thank you Thank you for the additional info. much appreciated
  3. Thank you BankFodder. I checked the land registry but no details are available for that particular house. I will make further investigation as I know exactely where it is as I live in a small town and my friend lives just around the corner. I have a letter from a garage with a valuation of my car but I guess I need another one. I will ask for your help once I am in the process of claiming. Appreciate your support.
  4. Thank you all for your help and I will take actions as recommended. Much appreciated. Best wishes
  5. Thank you for your help. I have checked and the house is only rented unfortunately. I will try to get more info as to why/reasons they voided his insurance and I will definitely keep you updated. Much appreciated
  6. Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. I have a third party insurance and no claim bonus - I lost my 15 NCB as I did a two years taxi driver and apparently you loose them all once you revert back to no business insurance. When I reported the accident to my insurance company they forwarded me to another claim company which took it upon themselves to collect the cost of the written off of my car plus any other cost. They were talking to his insurance (the driver who hit my car) through email, phone etc. but refused to admit liability as the driver said that he was not reversing at
  7. Hello There, I wonder if anyone out there had similar experience and how you dealt with it. I appreciate your help in this matter I was hit by a car that was reversing onto the main road. It was clearly his fault. he did not see me driving passed him. I called my insurance and give them his details which they checked on MID insurance and confirmed that he was insured. They contacted his insurance and submitted the claim. my car was written off due to extensive damage. After few days, the third party insurer got back to us saying that the driver disputed the claim and that his ca
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