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  1. yes, slightly different to your format, more basic but had all the stuff like unaffordable, bad credit along with other loans etc i wish i saw yours before i sent it
  2. oh for sure that was shot totally already. i took screenshots of loans etc before i rung them and sent complaints just in case.
  3. he took it out end last year, kept paying lumps to it and then borrowing off another pdl, then reborrowing. it was a constant cycle when i found out i rung and settled them all. lending stream wouldn't take calls so i paid to the amount of they loaned, then sent a complaint letter. this was January
  4. thank you, i assume that they are just using harassments techniques to scare people into paying
  5. hi there, (husband got into mess with gambling and substance abuse so took out loans) i found out about it all & sent an email and recorded letter to lending stream ref unaffordable claim as they kept giving him money along with other lenders we are on day 38 of the complaint being acknowledged and investigated. still getting email threatening debt collection for the interest balance along with the rate rising daily. do we need to send anything to them to stop this or await the 8 week deadline?
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