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  1. Thank you. The OC is a month after the DCA. I think I’m well within my rights to ask the DCA to remove the default altogether now? no problem. I’m not just concerned about my score, I don’t want these crooks getting one over on me for a year old debt that’s been sorted. thank you
  2. Oh I’ve just noticed the DCA has put a default date BEFORE the OC default date for the same account. This is obviously false reporting at a minimum. This is bad. thanks for your replies btw Could you pm me a rough template of what you sent them? thanks
  3. Hi, just noticed on my credit file a default was recently added by Motormile Finance UK. Its the same amount and same date as a previous default left by CashEuronet (quick Quid). Who actually sold the debt to Motormile. They both can’t own the same debt at the same time and I’m assuming it’s a duplicate default. Also how can they add it to my file over a year later? is there anyway of getting this removed? Thank you
  4. No it was 1250L I guess that's the tax allowance limit code? Cheers
  5. Not anymore, I think they were just incompetent. I have come to the same conclusion unfortunately. I will still complain though. I'm not impressed with their actions especially during this covid nonsense when I can't get no work anyway and 12 months to pay off the tax underpayment is shit. Might aswell get prepared for her majesty's pleasure. Sorry they paid NI not tax
  6. Thanks for the replies! No they didn't take any tax at all but they had a tax code from the start. I didn't, I rarely checked the payslips because when I'm working on PAYE I expect the company to do PAYE. I spoke to HMRC gonna have to put a compla in when I get the forms, as I don't believe the company took reasonable steps to pay the tax.
  7. Thanks Andy, I've had a read and I guess I need to wait untill HMRC calculate my tax this April before I can complain to them about my employer. Also my employer never used a tax code since the start of my employment which I assume isnt "taking reasonable care" as they should have used one from the start of my employment 20 weeks ago? Thanks
  8. Hi, I've been looking through my payslips and noticed the company I worked for hasn't paid any tax! I was employed as PAYE, I don't believe I gave them a P45 or P60 when I first started and spoke to HMRC who claim its my responsibility. Surely when you work as PAYE it's the companies responsibility for paying my tax? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thank so much, thank you all for the advice, I believe I understand what to do now. I shall ring the court on her behalf on Monday or tomorrow. Thank you again so much
  10. Thank you for that, I've noticed there is no where on the form to plead though, I'm assuming she would write it in the comments section? Thank you kindly
  11. Thank you kindly for the advice. She knows what court convicted her, and has a reference number, she has her Tennancy agreement for her new house with a date she moved in, I'm sure she could find something with a date when she moved out of her old place. This has made perfect sense to me, but does she obtain the decleration form on the day when she attends court? Or does she need to fill it out before hand? Oh and I forgot to ask can I stand with her at her hearing like a solicitor would or will she be up on the dock by herself? Thank you
  12. Thank you that's great, can I just ask one last thing, I've been reading another post from bailiff advice about sending the declaration, but how does the predure work? Does she download the form first, then makes an appointment and takes it with her to the Magistrates, is there a space on the form for her financial situation and guilty plea or is this a separate form, I think it has to be signed under oath or something, is this done at the court on the day? Also does she need to bring any additional information to the court with her? Sorry for the silly questions but she's going to be a nervous reck and breakdown so I'm trying to make sure she gets this right. I have been up most of the night but can't find any resources regarding the exact procedure. Thank you kindly.
  13. Thank you kindly!. Would this be the Magistrates court that issued the fine or do I contact the nearest Magistrates Court local to her? Thank you kindly
  14. Thank you kindly for the advice! I know she shouldn't have signed anything, and she certainly does now. She's pretty sure she was paying tvl at that time also. But I'll check her bank statements to make sure. How would she file a statutory declaration for not receiving paperwork, does she ring the Magistrates and they send a form? Would there be any extra fees, costs added if she did manage to get another hearing? Thank you kindly
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