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  1. I too am having the same problem I have been with Future Communications for 3 years having had no problem with them. They work in conjunction with 02. Last year a new contract I had with them gave me a new phone and a payment of £30 a month + vat. I was also informed that going with them I was able to get £7 paid into my bank account to give me a reasonable rate which was fine. Last week I received a call from Liam (my business manager) offering me a new deal keeping my phone and giving me an x SIM card which I really didn’t want but came as part of the new package. The cost was £50 a month plus vat and then they would put £30 back into my account making it an even better deal. It did ring untrue but my husband could use the x sim and with being with them for a while thought it was legit. Boy was I wrong. After signing the paperwork something made me look them up online on Trustpilot and all the people on it under future comm were not receiving money back or sims and phones. Some people in real debt. I checked my bank account and discovered the £7 I had been promised each month into my account had not gone in since March. I phoned Liam back and he promised to get it sorted but I have made numerous calls and can’t get through to anyone the person that answers always takes a message and says she will get him to call. I am at my wits end please can you help 02 are not interested say it’s nothing to do with them but they take the D/D each month.
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