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  1. Ah, ok then! I'll settle for the offer. Don't think I'll pursue the extra as it sounds a little iffy as to whether I'll win. The thought of having to compile the case and stand up in court is a bit scary for me. Thanks so much for all your help along the way, you have been most grand in all aspects, especially with the prompt replies. Cheers
  2. Oh, sorry, no. That is due to happen on 22nd of this month (next Monday)
  3. I first submitted a claim that got refused, they have since dug out that claim again and this is what they are offering. I did not complete the second claim they sent... Do you think I should I should settle for this amount, or keep going for the full amount of £442.80 (laptop plus interest). Surely they know it's going to cost them near on the extra just to travel to my local County Court... I'm wondering whether to keep going? Cheers very much, BTW
  4. @BankFodder please see my post above! Basically, do you think I have a case to go for full compensation for the lost laptop? Thanks
  5. Update. Hermes wrote to me this morning saying; This incident has been escalated to myself for further review. I have looked into your claim for you and can see you have completed the claims form and provided all the relevant details required for me to be able to process your claim, I would like to begin by advising when you placed the order you were opted to increase the compensation to the maximum we offer at £300. As such when you agreed to send the laptop which exceeded this value you did so at your own risk. Hermes is not a specialised carrier service which is why we do not advise sending parcels which exceed £300.00 as in the event of any loss or damage you would accept only a maximum of £300.00. These are the terms and conditions agreed to upon delivery of this parcel. Therefore I am able to accept your claim today for £300 plus your postage costs of £17.49, Should you wish to accept this claim, please provide your sort code, account number and the name associated with this account. Kind regards Now, I am unsure what to do. Because it's fair comment that I did knowingly enter a contract where the maximum compensation was/is £300 regardless of the items value (£410 if you recall). So my question is this: Should I still go for full compensation through the courts (£410+interest+court costs)? I'm concerned the court will simpy agree with Hermes that the maximum value I can claim is, indeed, £300 as I was aware of this when I entered the contract. In which case, would I be liable for the court costs but still get the £300 paid back? On the other hand I am a little peeved that they allow expensive items to be sent but only offer capped compensation - especially when the item was simply lost (in the politest terms). If an accident had happened, I may have been a little more understanding... Thanks in advance
  6. Okey dokey! Many thanks for your help and prompt responses with this
  7. So I've sent several emails requesting Head Office address, but they don't respond. Today, however, they have left me an answerphone message stating they are now willing to compensate me for the laptop! They haven't said how much, though. They sent an email with a claim form to fill out - the same one which was refused in the first place!! So, do I fill out this form and see how much they are offering? I suspect they will only offer the maximum insurance value of £300. I'm not sure what to do now, should I fill out the form and see what they offer or should I ignore the claim form and persist in County Court? My concern is, if I entered knowingly into a contract that only insured the laptop to a maximum of £300, should I settle for this amount or still go for the full amount of £410 plus 8% interest, plus court costs? Thanks Reg
  8. Whilst submitting my claim with moneyclaim online, will I need myHermes' customer relations or head office address? Or is just the company name enough?
  9. Yes, they've replied. So should I give them 14 days from today (when the email was received by them and replied to), or should I send them a letter and start the 14 days from then? Cheers
  10. OK, thanks. Should I start the 14 days again, from the date of posting? Or just go by the emailed one which was received today?
  11. Oh bother. Is email form not acceptable at all? They have replied, so it's acknowledged...
  12. Will do. And thanks. Just to confirm, though, I sent the 14 days notice in email form, is that ok? Or must it be in writing via post?
  13. Hi again, I have issued the 14 days letter before action. This afternoon, Hermes wrote back saying; I am contacting you regarding parcel number XXX, I am sorry for the delay in responding to your query. We have tried to locate the whereabouts of the parcel by contacting the depot team and we received a response that the parcel is not located at the depot. We normally provide a much better service than this. I agree that this is not a good one for us. I will note down your feedback and I assure you that we will definitely try to improve our services as we do not want to disappoint loyal customers like you. We will not be able to compensate for prohibited item Laptop. Due to the length of time parcel cannot be located. I apologise on behalf of Hermes for the inconvenience this has caused. We will make sure this is not repeated in future. Regards, Customer Service Advisor Hermes Customer Services Now bearing in mind they kept me waiting up to 10 days at a time between responses with a number of emails, this is a joke. I wrote back briefly; Then I am left no choice but to submit a case for the county court to decide. The reason so much time has passed is due to Hermes wasting time, coming up with excuses or just plain not answering me for up to 10 days at a time. I have screen shots of everything showing conversations etc, including myHermes website NOT showing laptops as non-compensation items on the old carry guide. Said guide has now been updated and does indeed show laptops. Should my amicable resolution of the laptop costs plus 8% interest not be met (totalling £442.80), then I will see you in court. I will be issuing my papers on 22nd of this month. Good day Looks like they're not backing down. Oh well, if it goes to court then so be it! Could do without the stress but I'm not having it, such BS from them over many of emails and online chats.
  14. OK, many thanks indeed. I'll keep you updated with the progress
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