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  1. Hi You could use the online claims system 'Moneyclaim'. It is based in England and uses the Northhampton Court. I used this way, but you must have an English Service address. I used my cousin to recieve all my mail and forward it to me. He lives in North Yorkshire. You can check out my story at the following thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank/13716-alex-bank-scotland.html Hope it helps you out. Alex
  2. Money deposited in my account yesterday about 1pm. Now for claim 2!!!!!!
  3. I took delivery of a letter from Trinity Road, Halifax this morning and opened it with very shaky hands. They are still shaking as I type this because, without admission of liability, they are going to reimburse me the full amount of my claim plus the £120 court costs. (I did not include the interest in my claim). You'll recognise the letter by now, the one which says it will cost too much to defend it through the Small Claims track. I'm over the moon. :D I have the Prelim letter ready to go for account number 2 - approx £3200. Hopefully they will settle a lot quicker and
  4. I didn't add mine into my particulars. It is hard enough to cut it down to the 24 lines, so I assumed that they'd have a record of the correspondence and would match the amount claimed to that on my LBA. They have to be clutching at straws to go to court over this. (which they do not seem to be). My opinion is, you will be fine as long as you mentioned that you do actually have a bank account with them. Out of interest, I had mine issued at exactly the same time as you and I have yet to hear from the Halifax. It still says "Acknowledged". Mine, according to the letters I recieved, wa
  5. Phil, Go through the tutorials on the MCOL site and you'll find out all there is to know. It's far easier than asking loads of questions to which you get few if any replies. I know this from experience as you can see from my own thread. I am that wee bit ahead of you and I appreciated all the help I got, so it's only fair to pass some on.
  6. Have we heard the last of this case. Are you still with us, Manolo? How are things now? I'm very interested to find out as I had been following your progress.
  7. Court case update. My claim is deemed served on 19th August and they have 28 days from then to do their stuff. I keep checking my online account but nothing yet and no letter to say they will be paying out. This is something I do not understand, I submitted it on the 14th, they acknowledged it on the 15th and it is deemed served on the 19th. They have 28 days from the 19th. Why not the 15th?
  8. That section is for when the Bank's time is up, you click Start and get your money back via a court judgement. Do not use it right now. You should also see your claim as 'issued'. That box will change as the claim progresses. Not the Judgement box.
  9. Fantastic News Isiris. Quietest thread or not, you took them to the cleaners. My confidence is building every day as I come on here and read the success stories which are happening daily! The waiting's the worst! Alex
  10. Looks like you're on the home straight. I'd give the moneyclaim helpline a ring. I've rang twice and they're superb. Just tell them your situation, and say you want the whole claim, not the partial claim and they might help you out. Looking good, mate. You might be able to buy a full tank of fuel for the beast soon!
  11. Aye you can pick me up on the way down. Sgian does Northampton.
  12. Definitley a good thing. The thing I was worried about was the fact that my branch still has 'Bank of Scotland' above the door and I use the Bank of Scotland online system. But it seems that there is now no distinction between both bank of Scotland and Halifax when it comes to matters of importance like this. During my Prelim/LBA phase I got letters returned using both Bank of Scotland and Halifax letter heads. (not on the same letter of course). I think jurisdiction was my primary concern when deciding whether or not to use the English system. Apart from the fact that Northampton is 300+
  13. You seem to have done all the right things, and Halifax are just getting things done as they see fit. I'm sure it's nothing personal. I, like yourself, am patiently waiting. Hope it's soon for you and I wish you all the best in your family life too. Good luck, and update us ASAP. Alex
  14. Doubt it. If your 14 days are up since you sent the LBA, then send them a wee note to say what you'd like, but also get the court claim for the full amount underway. Don't deviate from your timescale. These are tactics deployed by the bank to enable them to keep your money for longer, therefore, earn more money on it at the same time. So i suggest move to court proceedings if it is time, but a short note to the bank would be polite on your part.
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