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  1. Any of the above. Perhaps I’m being paranoid but I don’t like the idea of them passing copies of my data to anyone they seem fit. If it stay with the data controller then i am fine with it
  2. They are not accepting a council tax bill. They either want passport, birth certificate , driving licence (don’t have) or photo card ID
  3. They finally replied properly and want some ID (passport or birth certificate) to send the SAR. Is this safe? Could they use my ID against me somehow? Eg pass onto DCA?
  4. Wouldn’t say a matter of laziness but rather a matter of waiting weeks for a response. none the less I’ll post a copy on Monday
  5. I’ve posted it here with the formatting in tact. Yes they use different text sizes and type faces all over the place. Cut and paste obviously with shockingly broken English. I’ve not moved at all. I used the template on here. Your reply from British Gas- 8010651970.pdf
  6. I have just received an email from British Gas pretty much rejecting the SAR request! Telling me the debt is with Moorcroft and I should chase them!
  7. Yes this is the case. I convinced BG to return the debt to themselves. Probably truth is it was always with them as Moorcroft claim the debt was never sold off. I Don’t buy this because I’ve been with my new supplier for a year and have gone out of my way to give regular readings, it’s been £108 a month which is much more reasonable than BG suggested towards the end
  8. I didn’t then but I do now. none the less the ombudsman seemed to verify and confirm in their report that those calls took place
  9. Phone call. I have the exact dates and the person’s name I spoke to though.
  10. September (22nd I think) 2017 was the date of the switch. New Provider is Flow. First Final Bill was sent then, and the 'revised' one February 2018
  11. Moved into current home in 2014. quoted £74 per month in electricity charges which was paid via DD. May 2016 charges jumped to £250 per month which i disputed. Provide numerous meter readings to BG and arrangement for engineer visit. June 2016, BG stated balance was £1,161 which translated to a payment of £223 per month I disputed and set up a Standing Order Mandate of £100 to cover charges until matter resolved. June 2016 Engineer confirmed that meter readings were ‘probably’ transposed and could not install a second test meter (in case of fault) because of lack of space. July 2016 I chased BG on status. BG claimed complaint had been closed, was told it would be reopened with a deadlock letter sent immediately due to being messed around, so I could go to ombudsman should I choose. Was told another engineer visit was necessary as previous left inadequate notes. October 2016 - second engineer appointment scheduled but did not show up. I gave up on chasing the complaint as I was diagnosed with stress and anxiety at the time. BG did not contact me further. September 2017 I began complaint again, asked to do a burn test and told by BG that meter reedings were indeed transposed and as result had been overcharged. I informed that I wished to change energy supplier and a final bill would be provided. BG confirmed balance to be £1106.22 prior to readjustments. When i received final bill it was for £660 which I assumed was the readjusted amount. December 2017 - Opened case with energy ombudsman as i thought final bill was still too high and customer service dreadful. December 2018 - Ombudsman case continuing, BG send a revised Final Bill for £1963.83. I add this to my ombudsman complaint. April 2018 - Ombudsman reaches decision claiming second BG bill is ‘likely correct’ and recommends.. They agree a reasonable repayment plan £200 Compensation They remove any negative markers from credit file They write letter of apology April 2018 - I tell ombudsman i still dispute bill of £1963 and want it looked into by someone else. I inform my stress/anxiety worsening and ask for my partner to be copied into future correspondence. May 2018 - Ombudsman email my partner and state that their position unchanged, they attach pdf of their original recommendations and state that as I dispute amount, their decision is no longer binding and up to me to resolve with BG when they get in contact. Long gap i know, but.. life. 26th June 2019 - Letter received from Moorcroft demanding £1951.83. Moorcroft they have not purchased debt from BG but acting for them. 27th June 2019 - BG initially refuse to discuss case with me and refer to Moorcroft. Cannot provide straight answer as to whether my credit file has been adversely affected. After some pleading they agreed to take the debt back from moorcroft and somebody will contact me on Tuesday to discuss a payment plan. Still no confirmation regarding my credit file. No default notice received to my address, and file looks clear on credit karma, experian and equifax. I fear a looming default and want to prevent this as have plans for a mortgage next year.
  12. Hi. Thanks for replying. I have no idea why the other bill was higher , I still think its incorrect. BG claim it was a catchup bill because my new energy supplier gave them my latest meter readings on the switchover date . I argued with the ombudsman that BG never did fix the reversed readings issue (hence the continued high bill) however they claim they did. I do have the Ombudsman report. Should i attach it? It's quite comprehensive. The bills became very high from late 2016. No new meter put in place, but my new supplier charges me £108 a month and i give regular meter readings. Im certain BG had the readings swapped around but never implemented the correction.
  13. Hello everyone. Following a divorce around 10 years go, I was left with some bad debt and several defaults. Since then i have worked to clear as many as possible and all my defaults today have dropped off. I actually have 'good credit' again. Unfortunately British Gas have put a spanner in the works. They supplied my electricity 2014 - 2017. My monthly payment amount was initially £78, rising to £100. Then out of the blue they demanded £275 a month! I live in a two bedroom flat with no central heating! I queried this and they made me do several burn tests and arranged for an engineer to check the meter. This look forever as the engineer missed several appointments. In the interim BG had instructed me to pay whatever i could manage, so I kept it at £100 a month via standing order. The situation was not resolved as their customer services often did not call me back, at one point i received a letter from Moorcroft demanding money. I would remind British Gas that the complaint was still in progress and they would take the account back and leave me alone while scheduling their next set of tests. I got so fed up i went to the Energy Ombudsman and raised a complaint about the shoddy customer service. While the ombudsman was investigating, I decided to change my energy supplier. BG issued me a final bill of £600 and i was upset, telling the ombudsman this was incorrect - as BG had told me upon issuing that bill that their tests had shown my day/night readings to be back to front, and to expect a revised bill that should significantly reduce the balance. in the middle of the ombudsman investigation (and within three months of my new supplier)I received a revised bill alright, for £1900! I complained, the account was frozen due to the ombudsman investigation. The final outcome was that the ombudsman though the balance was probably correct, but called out British gas for shocking customer service and serving erroneous bills. They demanded BG pay me £200 compensation, write a letter of apology, offer a reasonable payment plan and remove any negative markers that may appear on my credit file. I told the ombudsman that while I am committed to a resolution I still thought the balance was incorrect, as i pay only £108 a month with my new supplier. I also informed them that I suffer from anxiety and take medication for it, and this process was negatively affecting my health. I asked them to have someone else look into the amount. I received (about a couple months later) an email from them stating that someone else looked into it but could not recommend differently, that their original recommendations were no longer binding and it is up to BG and i to reach a resolution. I was provided a copy of their original recommendations in writing. Foolishly i got distracted with.. life and waited assuming BG would contact me. They didn't. About a year later which brings us to yesterday I received a letter from Moorcroft demanding £1900. I contacted them and they said they had no information about the ombudsman process and just the balance, that the debt was not purchased by them and that they were working on behalf of BG. I called BG and they refused to speak to me, stating everything should go through moorcroft and that they were unwilling to even raise a complain for me. I asked if they had added a default to my credit file (i was working so hard to repair it and buy a house next year) to which they replied - 'probably' and could not confirm. I have checked my file on credit karma, experian and equifax and nothing shows. However im scared they will serve a default. Note i received no notice or even communication from BG since the ombudsman decision. I contacted the ombudsman again who claimed that when I grumbled further about the balance it was taken as declining their recommendations, therefore they are no longer binding, and that there was nothing else I could do via them as the case was closed. I couldn't even open a new case. I contacted BG again and really argued, I said I wanted to complain that BG made no attempt to liase with me, and went straight to moorcroft. I asked that the debt be returned to them and that an arrangement made based on the ombudsman decision. After a long hold I was told that the debt had returned to them and to expect a call on Tuesday while their system refreshes. Where do I stand with this and how do I avoid a default that would set me back 6 years! I have worked hard to repair my file and my various other accounts are in excellent order, Do you think BG will accept a full and final to make this go away? (i'll pay the original £600 bill upfront but can't shell out £1900 up front). What should I ask for? I fell lost angry and confused. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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