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  1. I have proof from my end of time stamp that I faxed over the documents to future comms for the telephony contract, the emails to Tom akcnowleging that they didnt deliver the equipment, the emails when the equipment was delivered. And the documented proof Future Comms sent to Peac finance falsifying the delivery date. I will also send a subject access request now also to them.
  2. Wow this is severley disapointing. Than you for your advice but I will proceed to further action mainly due to the fact that they knowingly falsefied records of delivering equipment which to this day has never arrived. Despite my signature on the reciept the fact they claimed they delivered all equipment on the same day I signed and faxed the document at 4pm surely gives me bases to take them to court?
  3. Way cheaper and better. Just need to now stop these invoices and claim what is owed as they admitted liability for the costs to the loss of my charity before. Whats the difference now?
  4. This is partly Correct, Before I recieved 1 out of 5 of the equipment I signed for. Despite Future Comms Being Adament that all the equipment has been delivered. I also agree with you in regards to the termination fees which is a separate issue with me as they finally paid them after 4 months after 3 UK then made it affect my credit file for both my mobile lines taken with them. However I also disagree with the fact that is money is not recoverable. As contracted I was under the impression I would hey 5 X business lines which I then prepared staff to man which didnt arrive. This then had a financial implication on my business and they stated that they would pay all financial costs to my business due to non delivery of equipment. They did this prior for missing two fundraising event days at £250 per day previously. I dont see how this is anyhow different. The issue with my mobiles was that damage my two mobiles were damaged to the point that making, recieving and reading text messages was extremely difficult and hazardous to my health. I was told the phones were insured, and under warranty and that they would fix both. After months of chasing them,with no satisfaction I had to fix both phones out of my pokcet despite reassureances that they would do it. Now in regards to alternative lines I am now paying £30 per month for my business lines compared to the £179 per month i am currently being invoiced depite not recieving the items in full. There surely must be a way to recover the money incurred on my charities behalf, the patients put at risk while also terminating the contract right? because im not paying them a penny moving further forward.
  5. I can understand why you are confused. Right I had a huge pile of paperwork from future comms to fill out in august. Due to pressure from the sales agent he said if I didnt sign, date and fax the documents through including an document i thoight was for dispatching all the equipment nothing would be delivered. The key here is I was in a rush to attend to my sick patients so rushed to an internet cafe to fax future comms all the documents signed and dated for august. In my haste I signed a document for delivery under huge pressure from Tom who stated it was for the dispatch of the material. Only for me to be manipulated into signing and sending that I recieved the equipment on the date that I signed the document. Can you see how I was duped? I then sent screen shots to both future comms and the finance company to state that this does not make sense I signed and sent the faxes on the same day and at 4pm in the afternoon. Which is the same day Future comms stated that they delivered the equipment. In reality I didnt get the first and only business line untill mid september which I signed via my finger from parcel force. I hope im being clear here. In short the date that I signed and faxed all the documents to Future comms was the same day they sent to the finance company that the equipment was delivered in august.
  6. The only evidence that they keep quoting is the fact the Edocument I signed in august which stated that delivery for all equipment was on that day. The same day I signed the forms that I faxed to them via an internet Cafe. Even thoug I signed an electronic Signature in mid september when the one business phone was delivered to my address via parcel force that they seemed to not have on record. Despite Future Comms having telephone recordings of the agent Tom Acknowleging that no equipment has not been delivered and him arranging alternate delivery days for september, Admitting he had the four additional lines in the future comms office.
  7. That is incorrect. Future comms Are the equipment supplier and the Finance company finance the contract. So basically future comms get paid in advance for shipping the equipment to customers. Thats how it works. So Future comms already got paid. That is why the finance company is trying to investigate so they can claim their money back before cancelling the contract if you catch my drift. This is where I am stuck in the middle of this mess between the two organisations
  8. I signed a contract with Future comms, but they then used a finance company to secure the equipment for the telephony lines. right now Im being invoiced by the finance company. They Delivered one Telephony line that I have never used because I signed for 5. No calls have been made from the system ever.
  9. Let me be clear they are sending me invoices for the bills, while they continue to investigate the matter with future comms. But have instructed that despite these invoices while the investigation is underway they are not chasing me. They were unsure if this will affect my companys credit raring or not. Which is the worse part of this saga
  10. Peac Finance who paid Future comms in advance for aquiring the contract
  11. No I am still being billed for the 5 lines despite me stating that 5 were never delivered only one which was not what I signed the contract for. However the Finance company say they are not chasing me for the payments and are still in contact with furture comms in regards to a resolution. Constant back and forth between the two so left them to it for my own sanity and health reasons after trying to resolve for 4 months. Now we are here and still no resolution and Future comms still fobbing me off
  12. Apologies for that. I have only recieved 1 out of the 5 business lines. Despite being billed for 5. Even though Future comms manipulated me in signing a document which I thought was supposed to confirm that the equipment was going to be dispatched even though they sent confirmation to the finance company that they sent confirmation of delivery of the 5 telephony lines on the same day I signed the Edocument on in august, I didnt get the first business line untill mid september and the despite future comms repeatedly telling them they have delivered all my equipment so it was a case of my word and my manipulated signature against future comms. Which then along with the money Ive had to pay to staff for non delivery of the lines decided not to pay them any money. They were telling me one story and the fnance company another. To the point I had to set up a completely new telephony system with another company 6 months later. I called the finance company and future comms during this time to cancell the contract due to breach in terms and conditions and non delivery and the fact I have never used any of the equipment. Yet no resolution almost a year later in regards to my business telephony systems lines with them
  13. ok to cut the gist of it I was harassed into takinga contract with future comms from a sales advisor from july to august and finally decided under pressure to take them on mid august as the sales agent advised me that in order for my 5 xbusiness telephony lines to be sent that I would need to sign a docusign document. I signed the docusign on the 16th of august last year or near that date at 4pm in the afternoon. After being told by Tom who was the agent at the time that I wont get the equipment dispatched untill they recieved the docusign. I got a letter from Peac finance the finance company with an invoice for the first month a week later saying they woud start taking money out of my account to which I said no, I havent recieved any equipment yet. To themsaying according to my signature I recieved the equipment on the 16th of august which I said that isnt true. I called future comms to argue why they sent confirmation that I have recived any equipment when I hevent to them blaiming the finance company saying they must have got it wrong and how they will pay the bills till I recieve the equipment. I got 1 out of the 5 lines in september the following month I called and said im getting billed for 5 lines when I only recieved one line when are the rest coming ? by this time I already hired staff to man these telephone lines to help with my charities demands. I constantly was back and forth with Peac finance and because of my pre existing health condition having Sickle Cell Disease the stress of everthing started affecting my health and my charity especially staff so I had to pay staff out of my own personal bank account to keep staff happy to the tune of 3K even though the business lines still were not delivered. This issue went on for months. with no delivery of lines, and excuses plus still being invoiced from Peac Finance to them understanding and saying even though we will still keep sending invoices we wont chase you for payment. In the meantime I missed work appointments fundraising events due to non delivery of equipment due to constant missed appointment dates, which meant my chariy has lost close to about 5k on top last year alone due to spending most my time and declining health chasing future comms. I was advised also that seperately my mobile phone lines x 2 were insured and under warranty. So called seprately to sort issues with my phones to no avail so had to take it to my local shop costing me a total of £500 on top. While this has been happening I have refused to pay them any money in relating to my mobile phone lines untill i am reimbursed what is owed because we simply cant afford to take these losses and keep paying them for inadequate customer service and the losses we continue to incure as a charity But Im just trying to claim my costs of 3.5k back for all costs incurred
  14. Hi All i just want to start filling in a claim form for the amount of 3.5k Future comms plus the 10% interest accrued during this time from future comms Can i get help on how to do this as the company has totally almost runied my charity and want to claim back everything owed to myself Thank you in advance
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