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  1. Well, I'm happy, It's only £20 and will not affect me at all, I'm just happy I haven't been "done over" by them" which is how i've felt for the past few weeks.
  2. So, I decided to go ahead and send an email to the CEO on Saturday and I received no response from him... However I think it may have prompted this letter...
  3. I thought that might be the opinion of others. But honestly the way I feel about this is if there going to rob me for £20 how many other's are they doing it too? But I understand the position here of not abusing the process for £20, just annoying that the b*stards can do this to people with little recourse!
  4. Hey! So i'm not sure if i'm being really petty here, i bought a TV from curry's pc world 2 weeks ago, while I was there the woman offered me a discount off the TV but then without my knowledge charged me £20 for a service that i don't want or need. It's still in the box unactivated and sealed. When I went to the store to return the service I was told no the service was free because the sales rep has taken the price off the TV for it. This was not the case and not what I was told in store. I've exhausted option's via twitter and their telephone customer support. But th
  5. Should be good, I'll write a formal complaint letter tonight and send it here also but I think I'm good now. Thanks for the advice guys and gals!
  6. i've just spoken to a manager now, they have removed the DOB i provided them earlier with my passport from the account and re-instated the original DOB. The manager is happy that this is the case of a mistrace. Although isn't sure how it happened. Name spelt slightly different birthday 10 years and 2 month's out but same date of the month. (He wouldn't actually give me the DOB he said he can't because of GDPR but I can assume it's one of two dates because it has to be someone older than me not younger as they wouldn't have been 18 in 2013. Bu
  7. They don't hold that information and will request it from PRAC for me but "it's just wasting time" apparently.
  8. Date of loan was apparently 18th of June 2013 and yeah I can prove my residence I've only had 2 addresses since i was 18, rented and the flat i bought back in 2015. 100% certain i've never had a loan from them. Letter of claim uploaded.
  9. Yes it's PRAC, Yes but they said they traced me to this address not that the address was linked to the loan agreement. Yes it was a letter of claim.
  10. Hey CAG, I've had a letter from BW legal today claiming that I owe the sum of £182. I had a letter from another DCA about 18 month's ago for the same debt (Instant Cash Lones LTD t/a Pay Day Express). I've never had a payday loan other than from wonga in about 2010 which was paid back in full. Upon speaking to their telephone advisor they told me the are unable to pass security as the DOB they hold on file is different to the one on the account. I sent them proof of my DOB to prove to them it's not me and they've now updated the DOB on file to mine.
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