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  1. She has made her best efforts to pay. My aunt can use ebay fine. Its simpe messaging. There has been no lack on her side and the claimant definatly cannot produce that. Yes that would be easy but if she doesn't give me access what can i do? Surely now that she has the cheque but doesnt seem to of discontinued is vindictive on the claimants part. You have been told the absolute truth of the matter here. The claimant was never co-operative and very rude. As if it was deliberate.
  2. Tell that to the claimant. She has been evasive and nothing but rude with the "im going to make ur life hard" attitude. When your aunt is not tech savvy its not that simple. Never the less it is what it is and with any luck the judge will dismiss this for the vindictive attempt at point scoring it is.
  3. Does she need to send a copy if the DC to claimant
  4. Because shes talking about sending the claiment the £25, court fee.
  5. She has the directions questionnaire and is panicing. Iv said to refuse mediation. The claimant has the cheque!!!
  6. Ok thank you. She did get the check today as we have the tracking as signed for it was a special delivery. Wud inbe correct in assuming it wud be foolish of the claimant to press on? Given proofs od trying to pay and the lack of preaction letter..
  7. The seller throughout has been very cocky. It also transpires that the seller didnt send the item a full 27 days after being paid so my aunt opened a paypal claim for a refund. It was only after that my aunt got the item and then had since tried to repay the seller. Only to be met with tour fraudulent and this was premeditated threatning police action fraud etc. Yea what you have summerised is correct.
  8. Sorry this is difficult on a phone they are both from defendant to claimant. Yes the claimant says no problem my friend
  9. The are both messages from my aunt to the seller as u can see at the bottom the sellers replies are "no problem my friend....." last 1 before court papers.
  10. This one should work sorry about that
  11. My aunt just wants me to upload these and asks is this enough to show she tried to pay before the court claim was lodged. Dated 15th and 18th of may Court claim issued 19th. Iv told her to stop worrying but she insists.
  12. Yeah she has been nothing but spiteful almost as if she has the i'm going to win motif. I think its some old crone with the thought that shes always right. Hopefully this will send her packing for not following proper process. Is their anything you can think of that should be added to the defence or is that enough.
  13. Ok, she is sending a cheque on Tuesday by next day delivery because of the bank holiday. She is keeping copies of the cheque and letter and is using the defence as mentioned above. I'm fairly certain of the answer but hat should she expect now? It is of my experience that if the claimant has not followed Pre-action Protocol, and the fact she was offered to be paid on no less then 3 occasions that the judge will throw this out. Making the claimant £25 out of pocket in the process - good enough for her really, shes tried to be a smart alec.
  14. My aunt says she has spoken to the court, the court has said her that she has to send a check to her by a traced method with a covering letter and not to do anything about the claim form. Its down to the claimant to tell the court that she has paid. I have stressed this not to do it this way because if she does not tell the court that she risks getting a default judgement She says that apparently the claim will stay as it is if she just sends payment via tracked method. I dont believe this to be the case. If she doesnt respond she wins by def
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