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  1. My car is on finance will that matter. Also not working at the moment was made redundant start of year. So cant do attachment of earnings. Jamberson, as far as im aware bailifs do not operate in NI.
  2. In regard to pofa i dunno how it works or if it even applies to a council pcn thats why im asking
  3. How would they enforce it though is my point. Bailiffs don't operate here so they couldn't send them. Also theres no PoFA here. I don't plan on getting a ticket lol just was interested to know what could be done should I get one.
  4. Just a quick question. I cant seem to find the answer. In September im going to visit family in england, i live in northern ireland. The place we are staying has a coucil enforced road for permits or tickets. Now im getting a permit but im just wondering should a warden ticket me for whatever reason with me living in NI how does that effect it. For example i get a ticket and return back to NI how wud that enforce it . Cheers
  5. It what time frame should they tell the court registrar of the payment. As for the confirmation in writing I do not know.
  6. Sorry was in a rush just wanted to update the thread. She called up VCS to try and pay it again. She said that they were vile to her on the phone and still wouldn't let her pay it. So she called up ELMS ( yes I know) She said that she spoke to them and they were more co-operative and waived their fee and they took the payment. I did explain everything to her to the best of my ability but I couldn't stop her paying that to them. She wanted it over with.
  7. Thanks for all your help everyone. she has now managed to pay the original amount.
  8. Ok so i have passed on all the infor above. She doesnt have a chequebook. She tried calling them again armed woth the knowledge aboit GDPR. She days she got a ill mannered person who was vile. They are refusing to take payment and the xourt will not take anything to do with it. Other then see a solicter i dont know what else she can do?? Postal order?
  9. im wondering if she could phone them and ask for bank deatails in order for her pay it. no disclose anything just say she wants to pay a charge?
  10. date of judgement is the 10th I edited above, solicter unknown claimant on judgement is Vehicle Control Services. no cannot log in as no longer has detials
  11. 1) Date of that letter 20 JUNE 2019 2) Date of judgement 10th June The second attempt I uploaded address was covered, so don't know why that one was removed, 3) Total original Judgement amount is £185 this is everything court costs and interest etc, - ELMS are wanting £90 on top of this, she is within the 30 day period before its registered. she has tried to pay it but they wont let her. they demand she pays ELMS along with theor fees,
  12. I hope this works, she says that she got the claim form and filled out something to do with making an offer but it was ignored
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