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  1. Just listening to one of the calls from 7/3/19 and my husband mentioned the oil being empty and the brakes and the mileage and the woman said "to me it sounds like the car had been clocked" so everything leading to what happened we questioned and got turned away.. He also checked the tyres and told her it was on 12psi on the day we picked the car up after it was serviced.
  2. We do have copies of all the phonecalls we made to zuto ( voice recordings) about the issues we had since buying the car as well.
  3. Hello The cars brakes were done by my husband and we paid for them (he is qualified but no longer in the games as such). I think first thing we will call some garages to get quotes etc . I think I will contact bmw as well as it does seem very early, considering the car hasnt done excessive mileage etc
  4. The dealer is MK autos ltd in Milton Keynes. We know the car was serviced by bmw once, as we called to ask but about 2 years ago. The car was brought for £10,995 but with finance cost total will be £22,000.. Eye watering amount but again we was pushed into a corner. I needed a car my mum has terminal lung cancer and I do all the hospital appointments. We thought that we would be safe for a while at least. Again I forgot to mention that although the car had a "service" the rear brakes went and were replaced on the 15th June 2019.. We have paid so far in total £2260 in 6 months. I am prepared to fight this!!
  5. Hello, I'm new here so please bear with me. We brought a car on finance end of November last year from a local dealer, MK Auto-Motors Ltd . It was a 2014 Mini countryman with 45102 miles on the clock. We contacted the dealers before Christmas with some issues and was told to come back in the new year, Such as the fact the car was checked for oil and had none even though it apparently just had a service. Which they forgot to stamp the book.. Also noticing the sales invoice showed the mileage at 45102 and the mot showed it at 45103... So even though I had a test drive and they got the car from storage yard, the car had done -1 mile.. Amazing that isn't it.. The dealer didn't want to know. So we contacted Zuto and after a lot of chasing they said to us is that the mileage is only 1 mile off its human error and nothing wrong and the service was done as the dealer said it had etc. And unless we wanted to prove that it has been clocked etc they believe the matter is closed. We are paying everything we have into this as we needed a reliable car as we need it for my autistic son as he doesn't bode well on buses etc, any can't afford to pay out on inspections when we believe that surely paperwork not matching proves our point. Fast forward from April to today and my car broke down.. On rac inspection the timing chain has broke!!!! Car has done 6000 miles since we got it!! Husband rang the dealer who answer was oh, its out of warranty sorry!! We brought the car off Zutos website and our finance is through moneybarn. Where do we stand? I cant afford the 300 pound a month for another 4 years and cant afford to get it fixed either.. I am hoping someone may know and help before we contact them again. Surely the car was unfit for purpose? Thanks in advance..
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