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  1. Thankis for the reply mate. Yes my DL, Log Book and Insurance were on my new property, and the car is registered under my name, not a lease nor a company car. I just had the old DL in my wallet and didn't realise. I did not get my mail re-directed by Royal Mail from my old address to the new one. Also this happened nearly a year after I had moved. I'll pay the origional fine thats not an issue, how do I go abot making a "Statutory Declaration" in court? I have 7 working days left to appeal via court, do I send them a letter stating I wish to make a "Statutory Declaration"? thanks mate.
  2. I was parked on a double yellow line, and a police officer came up to me and asked if it was my car. When I told him it was mine he started abusing me, however that’s a different story. He asked if I had any I.D on me as he was going to issue a parking ticket. I pulled out my wallet and had my old driving licence registered to my previous address. I told him that my up to date licence was at home, however he still took a photo off it and of my car registration and me. He then told me he will issue a parking ticket to both address. I never got anything through the post, and I thought maybe the police officer had a change of heart, as he abused me enough on the street. However after 10 months I now get a letter from the West Midlands Central Finance unit stating that I owe £345.00, is there anything I can do please?
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