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  1. Hi guys,, case won!!!!! and my mate was awarded the cost schedule, it was simple one, the claimant had failed by their own witness statement as they quoted signs and contact were enforced 6 months after the incident. It was a Judge sitting at Clarkenwell and Shorditch county court (can't remember his name).
  2. Hi Guys, after my win, I posted on my Facebook regarding it to make others aware. A mate immediately contacted for help as he has a court hearing on this Tuesday (14th). UKCPM and Gladys at it again. He was depressed and was about to give up. I went to his house last night and spent 3-4 hours looking at what he has done to date and where he made mistakes (many). He admitted he was the driver, why he parked etc and wrote up a long defence copying and pasting stuff from google. He didn't do a witness statement either and offered £50 through mediation
  3. yes, there are quite a few points to note here actually that I felt the Judge pressed hard - - name of landlord wasn't on the contract so the judge didn't accept it. she asked number of times but rep coudn't say the name so she admitted fault - Jack Chapman's signature and template, confusing witness statement - keeper liability can only be sought by POFA and they didn't use it so Judge Shanti wasn't having any of it trying to pursue the keeper without knowing the driver. - The unlawful £60 to which the rep quickly dismissed and said will only be seeking the £100 - cl
  4. Hi guys, You probably already guessed the outcome of this already, yes I won!!!!!! The judge ripped their rep apart and I didn’t have to say anything to be honest. That was awesome! So, here is how it went. Surprised but not surprised, they did send a young girl to represent them. I went to the court half an hour early, dressed smart (made a difference), and reported to the reception. She heard me say my name so came and approached me. Then she said let me find a meeting room, and went off to find one. When she came back, I asked for what? She said we can
  5. Hi all, So it's time, I have all the paperwork ready in a bundle including the evidence of documents sent to all parties. My hearing is at 2pm tomorrow so will let you know of the outcome tomorrow evening. Just want to say a massive thank you for all the support, would have not been able to come this far without you.
  6. Thank you so much really appreciate it. I am planning to send it on Friday to the court I am not sure if posting to Glady's will be too late as the court date is Monday. shall I call them and ask for a email address? any feedback on the skeleton argument will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, beginning to feel a bit exhausted with the amount of researching and writing. here's my best shot of the skeleton argument: Have deleted WS saved it as PDF for you and uploaded it to your post, is better to post any important docs as pdf, then only Registered and signed in Caggers can read them. WSArmis.pdf
  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys, will share skeleton argument shortly. do I need to send the skeleton argument to gladys too? or just emailing court is enough?
  9. Hi Guys, I received a witness statement from UK CPM over the weekend. A few issues noticed already: 1. Jack Chapman is the Witness and it looks like a electronic signature 2. Gladys letter says they are not attending court 3. they are referring the defendant (me) as the driver but showed no evidence that I am the driver 4. no mention of POFA so no show of evidence that I am the driver and no evidence how they can claim against the keeper 5. a pdf document of the signage was provided so no pictures that there was even a sign on that day 6. they only have the two pics of th
  10. Hi @Ericsbrother, unfortunately for me, I have already went and hand delivered the WS just now to the court I will try to dig into these points in my skeleton argument as I already mentioned the points in my WS, may be able to elaborate further. yes, point 32 means exactly that as explained in the paragraphs above it. I have the costs schedule ready as you mentioned. thank you so much for all the support you guys gave me. I am still waiting for a response to the SAR and a WS from Gladys.
  11. Hi Guys, before I add the additional paragraph as advised above, here is a updated WS: In the County Court at Mayors and City of London Court Claim No. XXXXXXXX Between UK Car Park Management Limited (UK CPM) (Claimant) and XXXXXXXXX (Defendant) Witness statement of Mr XXXXXX, Address: XXXXXXXXXX 1. I am the defendant in this matter. Any evidence to my statement will be referred to the attached documents as Exhibit AM01, Exhibit AM02 and so on. 2. In this Witness statement, the facts and matters stated are tru
  12. Hi Guys, I know UK CPM come around with a car which has a camera on top that takes the pictures and wizzes out. they don't actually put the ticket on the car. I understand from POFA, in this case they have 14 days to issue the NTK and if they put a ticket then 29 to 56 days. But so I understand what you are referring to is that POFA refers to ANPR and this is not. so I can add a paragraph that says they breached POFA 8 (5)?: As this is not a ANPR ticket, the Claimant has breached POFA 12 Schedule 4, by issuing the Notice to Keeper only three days after the
  13. Hi @ericsbrother I had a look at POFA and looks like they have issues the PCN correctly in terms of time which was within 14 days as this was a camera one so no windscreen ticket to the driver. The PCN was issued 3 days after the incident. hope I am on the same page and not confused to what you are trying to point out. I am almost done with the WS version 2
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