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  1. I have seen the GP and started counselling as all this caused me such a severe panic attack that made me physically and mentally unable to function. Been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, control and compulsive behaviour issues, etc the list is long... (hence the need to do things like mentioned above, they are all linked)... I have started medication and counselling helps too. It's a very slow and emotional process but I am glad I am on the way to finding some sort of peace and stop the internal demons I have been battling for a long time ... It was the biggest wake up call of my life!! Thanks all for your replies and input! Much appreciated!
  2. Ericsbrother "why would they be interested in the fact that you are owwed some money by the shop but didnt wait to collect it." If they were suspecting anything at the time of refund, and l left without one, does that not definitely make it suspicious and make them think to look into it? For some reason I was so naive to think as long as all the items are new, a label here or there does not matter, I was still returning something of a similar value. As mentioned already I do not want the items back or ever go there again but just waiting for it to see how it goes is soul destroying...(seeing docs today so hope that helps)
  3. Sorry ab this, I am actually in an absolute state and rightfully so! I am desperate to make the thoughts in my head stop, hence this second posting where I can name the shop...was not meant to deceive or anything, I was more scared the minute details will pinpoint straight to me!! I think if I go in and admit it now might be easier for me... with whatever is coming my way. I am ringing doctors today as this spiralled me into a complete depressive state of mind and not able to function since...
  4. Hi, new to this group and need some sound advice please. I've just realised I have been doing some major stupid mistakes which I never gave too much thought: I shop in tkmaxx a lot but also return a lot of items, always to the same shop, giving my correct details, so never intended to deceive on purpose, just been incredibly naive!! As there is a major issue with tkm labeling and product description ( labels always fall off, description says 'modbox, no other label present except for the price one') I might have returned items with the wrong tags or even wrong items on numerous occasions. This was not intended for any financial gain, my justification was swapping other brand new items that I did not refund on time from tkm or other shops ( small value items for personal use). Question is I think they are on to me now?! I was not stopped last time in store but noticed the assistant checked with a manager and put the items aside in a cupboard. I might be paranoid, I really do not know. So I have since googled about tkm returns and came across lots of scary posts on here which have terrified me and gave me the reality check I needed. Please no judgement, I am dealing with my own demons already regarding all this (counselling, mental issues etc). I am truly regretful and realise my naivity and the severity of it. Needless to say I will not set foot in the shop again!!! Or ever do any of sorts!! So, if they are on to me how long will it take to investigate? I read that you need 2 accounts and they will most likely find more than that over the course of the years. How far would they search, months, years? And on what criteria, by name or card number? Will they send police to my door or will police ring to call me to station? I am trying to compile all this data myself from my bank accounts to asses figures and also what to do? Ideally I want the whole nightmare to end and would like to confess to it all and pay my pennance. If I chose to go and speak with the manager and beg not to involve police, how likely is that? I am willing to admit to anything they find and pay back any money needed if it caused any financial damages. Do they have to send it to police or court regardless?? I have nightmares of them making a showcase of me and have my name scattered in papers!! Please help, I need some guidance! @maxxer I noticed you have a lot of expertise and would appreciate your input even though you probably despise people like me
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