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  1. Ok, one more thing - does the fact I opened the paypal when I was under 18 (although obviously older now) mean I might not be liable for any of it? or is that irrelevant?
  2. Ah I see, thanks for clarifying. hoping this will all blow over eventually (after months of letters and phone calls I imagine) i just dont want family being hassled
  3. Ok thanks will do. What is meant to happen as a result of me sending this?
  4. To the ebay HQ you mean? What should I say, just tell them how I have been scammed? I thought they didnt care about that sorry if Im misunderstanding you here
  5. I just tried to report this to ebay and they said to tell local police, and theres basically nothing they can do. was this the outcome you would expect? i honestly feel its very unlikely the police will be able to actually help..
  6. Ok, sent another letter with your exact phrasing.
  7. ok, this is the updated letter that I wrote and sent today: Seeing as my bank specifically told me that I DONT have a CPA with paypal, does this mean that cancelling my card would effectively stop them from charging me via it? as my direct debit is already cancelled, my card details are the only thing they still have, and if there is no CPA I assume that means they can't charge me if the card is now replaced. Is there anything else I should do at this point?
  8. Ok, I will be doing that. Thank you.
  9. Ok so after chatting with Halifax again they have said that: 'as the link to my paypal account is for purchases made, this is not an instance of a recurring transaction as each of the transactions are processed on an individual basis with a unique reference for each purchase'. Does this mean I don't have a CPA with paypal?
  10. I wonder why their support agent didnt seem to think so... I asked them to escalate my issue so we will see.. maybe its because I couldnt provide a specific transaction/transaction date? Anyway I am sending a letter so hopefully that will work. This is what I am writing: Dear Sirs, Account no: XXXXXXXX Card no: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Please act upon the following instruction with immediate effect: I withdraw my authority for all future payments to be debited from the above account/card number by PayPal, including continu
  11. After asking halifax to cancel the CPA theyve basically told me they can't do it, so I've asked to 'escalate' the issue and also will be writing a letter.
  12. I am following dx's initial advice and reporting to paypal the whole incident. If they still try and enforce me to make payments I will follow the other advice, and I am cancelling the CPA now anyway just in case.
  13. I guess what I meant to ask was, are they the same in terms of their debt collection policy (i.e. they don't do court, don't tend to chase things up for ever etc)
  14. One more question, are ebay and paypal the same company for all practical reasons? As I've realized there is large ebay selling fees on my account
  15. Ok, in that case I will phone them tomorrow!
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