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  1. OK. Thanks dx! Will take it to Post Office now. It will go out first thing tomorrow.
  2. Thanks dx. I read that thread already and read it again now but I'm still unclear whether the PAY box is left blank? And I don't write my name on it? Yesterday I made a mistake and bought a PO and had the Claimant's name printed on it. Then I realised that might be a mistake and didn't send the letter.... So, need to go again today... and buy another PO...
  3. Thanks dx. I like the sound of that. :) Just one more quick question regarding The PO for £1 for the CCA to Claimant please. I need to leave the front blank and then just write my name and address on the back? Don't need to sign it? I've never filled one in before.
  4. Thanks dx. I've read a lot of threads already. Find it so helpful! And, yes, you're right, the advice I got elsewhere doesn't compare. I'd rather this goes to court as I'd like to know where I stand.If it's stayed they can lift the stay at any time - that's like keeping a loaded ... pointed at you. And what they're doing with the CCJ claims is not just to catch people unaware, but also to keep you trapped in debt which can't become sb, even if they don't go to court. Also, in my case, to trap you into debt which can't be wiped when it was supposed to.They figured o
  5. Thanks dx. I did. I followed your suggestion and that's what I put in. I was just wondering if the wording is correct, especially for point number 1. Because after getting some clarity after posting here and getting replies I realised that they started this claim as I did not respond to their communication it appears since Oct 2018, which was after they made an error and 'apologised' to me for it. Similar to what they did in the 2016 to 7000 people when there was a public outcry and they were forced to issue a public apology. The error they made on mine is also in 2
  6. Good morning. I'm writing the CPR 31.4 letter to the lawyers. Could someone have a look please if I'm asking for the correct information from the particulars of claim . This is what I'm going to put in the letter (CPR 31.14 request for...): 1. The breakdown of statements that show why the Claimant Claims £££££ for monies due from the Defendant. 2. The documents that show that the Defendant failed to make payments as per the terms resulting in the agreement(s) being terminated. 3. Notice of a default or Termination Notice subject to the terms of t
  7. Thanks dx. I wrote that if they fail s.77 (4) a will apply. Is that right?
  8. Thanks dx. Just finishing the CCA letter so I can pop it in the post today. Do I need to include the CUPTR sentence of the template letter? Is it ss.5 (2) or 3 (b), 6 or 7 that I need to quote, please?
  9. Thanks dx. I only took out one loan. For one year only. So, in my case what you wrote in post 8 sadly doesn't apply. So, now I understand, I need to send the CCA to Erudio. I still don't understand which reference number from the particulars I need to quote to Erudio - number 2. or number 4 from the particulars (or both)? Number 2. in the particulars is my original SLC number. Number 4. in the particulars is Erudio's new master reference number they assigned when they took over in 2013.
  10. Thanks dx. This is what I've done so far: I acknowledged the claim at MCOL and ticked defend all. Now I have 2 more weeks to submit a defence. I read the post 3 carefully including the links but I'm still confused. Do I now need to send two separate CCA's? One to Erudio and one to SLC? Number 2. in the particulars is my original SLC number. Number 4. in the particulars is Erudio reference number. So, do I send one CCA to Erudio and one to SLC?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply dx! Name of the Claimant: Erudio Student Loan Ltd. Date of issue: 03.06.2019 Particulars of Claim 1. The Claimant Claims 2xxx.xx for monies due from the Defendant. 2. The debt was pursuant to a regulated agreement(s) between the Defendant and The Student Loans Company Limited. Each agreement had an individual account number as follows: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3. The Defendant failed to make payments as per the terms resulting in the agreement(s) being terminated. Notice of such is served
  12. Hello, hope someone can help. On the 3rd June I got a County Court Business Centre claim Form from Erudio Student Loans Ltd.At the same time I got a letter from Draydensfairfax explaining they have passed the matter of my debt to County Claim Court. Outstanding amount is £XXXX.XX. This is a result of the fact that Erudio did not send me a deferment form in January 2017. I did not ask either - after 21 years of deferring I forgot all about it. The next thing I got from them a year and a half later on 01. September 2018 was a big pack of letters entitled
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