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  1. Thank you so much for all your messages! HB indeed I think you are right and your advice is very sensible. I have been having a terrible panic attack earlier, so been focusing on calming down for now. Dx100uk you made me feel better by saying to forget about it. I will try and do so for now until I can think rational again! I will make amends for sure, starting with my doctors next week. And decluttering and donating all those unwanted clothes to a womens refuge centre or charity.
  2. This is my worry that they will investigate on it so might be summoned to police anyway. What shall I do??? I can still go back and own up to it say i made a mistake etc... What is the worst case scenario if I do? Should I take a solicitor with me?
  3. Yes that's what I have already done before writing for advice on here... Someone was being suspected and had police coming to their home and searched their house... Some ended up with cautions and fines. Some in court cases. All terrifying...
  4. I am more than willing to do it and put it all behind me, but worried they might have no sympathy and call police and open a case to investigate further or previous transactions... So really cannot know what they're thinking. I am even worried about giving the name of the shop in case they can track it here... I think I read too many scary threads about cases where people got stopped on leaving the shop and how it was handled ( interviewd, arrested, taken to station). Others got called by police for a statement weeks later.
  5. Never again! If I don't go back and just leave it, do you think they might be on to it or suspecting anything? I am honestly not going to that shop ever again.
  6. Hi HB, thanks for taking time to reply... defo psychological, had issues with parents leaving when young, I am a bit of a hoarder, etc! But never done any shoplifting, I have never even considered that as I know it's a crime black and white!! This label swapping somewhow was justified in my head. I now know better.
  7. BankFodder - Sorry if all sounds too confusing, to sum it up, went to do a refund, gave them the items and they went to check on them with a manager as he was not present, I got scared and left in case they were going to stop/ question arrest me. I did NOT gain any financial benefit from it...or intended to do so, swapped for example trousers with other trousers...etc dress with other dress that would compare to the value, just as a way of getting rid of new items laying abut that I forgot to return.... In my head there was a justification, in reality is fraud ! Now I read al
  8. sorry for the log post- I haven’t eaten or slept in 2 days!! I am super ventilating here and stressing out of my head ... I buy clothes frequently from one major retailer store ( I will not name it for protection reasons, honestly I feel like the whole world is watching right now and FBI will come to my house any sec!! Oh I feel sick only writing this thread... I think a docs visit is needed, I do have serious anxiety after a cancer scare last year that left me mortified at the fragility of life... yet here I am risking my freedom for something really stup
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