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  1. Thankyou guys got the information much appreciated. And thanks for letting me know I left my registration on the back of the form. The more I look at the pictures I've taken and weigh the whole situation up in my head it seems they've done this shoddy attempt at letting drivers know theres a new system in place on purpose. Apart from a couple of plastic/metal price signs (which were there before so there using the old price signs) they've used those vinyl draped signs which were blown over, like I've said in my last post. I spoke to a chap who was
  2. The moral of the story is ive left the carpark without paying and I'm sure I'll be getting another one as I've done the same thing a couple of days ago. I'm sure I have gone to the carpark today and only sign or vinyl banner should I say was draped over the top of the carpark but its blown over itself so it was unreadable, I have taken pictures. My question is ( I'm sure they've done everything by the book with the limited rights they have) if I ignore this completely will I get any repercussions ? What's the worst that can happen. And whats likely to hap
  3. Heres the back of the parking notice from Horizon the picture before on the last message is the front
  4. ive visited the carpark today and nowhere does it state there's a new system in place unless you actually go into the 3 floors of parking. well i drive a van with a ladder on the top so i have to park outside in the carpark. i have taken pictures. please forgive me im not being rude or ignoring peoples suggestions im just not the greatest on the computer lings chase PCN.pdf
  5. I took another picture because people moaned that I covered everything up. I'm not sure on how to do all this editing and uploading pictures etc

    1. honeybee13




      I'm not too techie either, but usually people use a program like MS Paint to black out the unwanted details, if that helps.


      If it doesn't, post on your thread and ask for more help, people like dx will tell you what to do.



  6. I've been given a penalty charge notice by Horizon parking with photographic evidence of myself leaving the carpark it says they're in association with the BPA. I've left the shopping centers carpark without paying but the barriers that lift up once you put you ticket in have gone along with the machine to put the ticket in. I assumed they were gonna put a new system in as they've had numerous problems in the past, I will say the machine in the actually shopping centre to pay for a ticket is still there. There must be loads of motorist that have done th
  7. Ive recently parked in my local sainsburys where the parking gate arms werent lifting so theyve taken them away, im not a frequent user of the carpark but have received a penalty notice from horizon for not paying for parking. so i rang the shopping centre who told me that horizon have now taken over the carpark, how was i suppose to know thus was my reply to which hes told me they have w6 new signs in place which i didnt see. can anyone tell me where i stand im thinking of ignoring it as its not the council so so its not actually a fine?
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