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  1. Thanks BankFodder. My username is purely based on a series of events in my personal life so far this year.
  2. Dear BankFodder, step back in amazement, I have received an email from Parcel Force in the last ten minutes to confirm that my parcel has been delivered this morning but no explanation as to where it has been for four days and no apology that they have failed with what they guarantee under their express 24 hour service nor any offer of a refund of the carriage costs. I do obviously have to wait for confirmation now from the "defendant" that they are happy to refund me as per the settlement claim and that the item that has not been damaged in any way. Obviously I will be back to you should th
  3. Dear BankFodder, I would like to confirm that I have already tried to submit an on line claim to Parcel Force, just so that it can be proven further down the line, if necessary, that I have followed "their procedure". I was provided with the direct email address to do this but I have not, as yet, heard anything back from them. I guess my defence can be, if required, that I have tried to submit a claim, with the email as evidence. Sorry but when you mention on Day 15 issue the papers, does this mean via MCOL. Thank you
  4. Morning BankFodder, rightly or wrongly I would hope to be compensated in full by an item that belongs to me which is unable to be returned to me, is unable to be currently delivered and is, through somebody's negligence, unable to be accounted for. I paid them in good faith and had to confirm the weight, length, width, depth etc and was charged accordingly for that service. Yes I have declared the value of the item to them and the value I quoted was £1,000. I am extremely grateful for all of the prompt assistance/advice that you have given to me to date and would like
  5. Dear BankFodder Just came across these conditions of carriage for Parcel Force : https://www.parcelforce.com/conditions-of-carriage, Section 12, liability for delay, loss or damage. 12.1 Subject to the provisions of these Conditions, Parcelforce Worldwide shall pay compensation to the Customer for loss or damage caused by its negligence or that of those for whom it is vicariously liable, and a refund in the case of delay. Surely Parcelforce have been negligent in that they have failed to deliver my parcel and that they are currently unable to tell me where it is?
  6. Dear BankFodder, assume that it is best that I send my letter on our official business headed paper?
  7. Yes I fully take all of this criticism and bad decision making on the chin and will learn from this. I am just about to log a claim with Parcel Force (again) and plan to send a letter to Gary Simpson, Managing Director, which will be sent electronically and via first class recorded post. I have got nothing to lose by challenging them as far as I am concerned. Things can't be any worse. Thanks again for all of our help
  8. Thank you, I will have a think about where we go from here & if I do decide to progress with a claim with an initial letter, if I can pass it through you to check, I would be very grateful. Thank you so much again for your assistance to date
  9. Dear BankFodder, I have just heard from my husband who during his working day has been into the Reading office, where the parcel initially went to who have confirmed that it definitely left there on Monday 17th June 2019 and I have attached herewith a copy of the actual scan of the parcel with bar code confirming the destination of the parcel. Wasn't sure if this was helpful or not. The guy did say to my husband without any hesitation that we should take legal action against Parcel Force.
  10. I just wanted to get a resolution to this faulty item and as already mentioned I was feeling low due to my personal situation coupled with that if we didn't agree to mediation it would go against us.
  11. The agreement of us returning and being reimbursed for the associated costs was put forward by the defendant and again, as a result of weakness on my part, I agreed to it. Obviously another bad decision!? I will email you the details of the supplier/manufacturer via email. Thanks
  12. It was agreed that we would organise the return and bear the costs of the carrier charges initially and would then invoice the defendant for those associated costs. Thanks
  13. It was just unfortunate the timing of all of this coincided with the things going on in my personal life. I am normally a very strong person who has no problem challenging people when I think that they have done or are doing wrong. Bereavement affects us all in different ways and lessened what is normally my very strong and challenging character.
  14. Dear BankFodder, I am just about to email you over a copy of the mediation settlement agreement, just to be on the safe side, you never quite no. Just to confirm that there is no document which says that if you didn't accept mediation this goes against you in court, this was my own understanding/assumption. I would like to notify you of a further development now, I felt it necessary to alert the money claim online the current situation of the parcel and that I am "currently" defaulting on what was agreed. They have advised that the problem/any resolu
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