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  1. Ok ive found a draft sample of the CCA letter. Ill send these off this week as I’ve found in a guide along with a postal order. Ill post an update of any out comes. thanks for the replies
  2. 1 Overdraft 7 Credit Cards 1 Store cards all non secured.
  3. hey all i stumbled upon this forum and reading some posts kinda feel like i have been "cash cowed". I have paid £43.5k in the last ten years, monthly payments going from £450 to now £250. I owe the following to the creditors. Hoist Finance £100 Link Financial £600 Link Financial £500 NCO Europe £900 NCO Europe £100 Paragon £750 Westcot £1200 Wescot £800 Overdraft £1500 are any of these enforceable ? my estimate owed is around 7k on payplan. i have read about CCA request b
  4. hey there, im brand new to this.  I have been with Payplan for 10 years and have been paying "payment cover" for this period, i read that you were able to claim this back ? are you able to advise how i can pursue this ? thanks in advance

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