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  1. Considering the wear was on the inside tyre wall and not having a ramp or lift in my back pocket I unfortunately did not want to crawl under a car in a showroom. By the way no tyre kicker here, I did my research on the car I wanted and price I wanted to pay, found a dealer with good customer feedback and took the car for a test drive. All I did wrong was trust a car dealership and as you say maybe if they valued a customer they would offer to pay for the tyres, but I suppose we can put dealerships in the same boat as estate agents....blunt truth!
  2. Yes Ron, I did know that in the MOT it said near the limit and yes I was going to replace but........as I keep saying the garage that did the service said there was no way that in 2 weeks and 2 days to be precise and not being driven for around 90 miles could they possible so far under the legal limit. When you buy a car and keep it in good mechanical order yes you know that bills are “imminent” but not when it should have been picked up by the dealership if they had done all the checks that they said they did.
  3. Thanks Andy, sound thinking but still bloody frustrating after spending 13k with them now arguing over £170 bill for Tyres.
  4. What do you drive? An F1 car....the point is they were bald when I purchased the car. I trust the garages judgment and experience and if they say they were illegal when I got the car then that’s good enough for me, after all driven less than 100 miles.....blimey you must have a heavy foot and over use the hand break to burn out 2 new Tyres in under an hour!!!
  5. I only got the car 3 weeks ago, had the car serviced as it was coming up to the service date and was advised by the garage that the Tyres were illegal so I think it’s cut and dry really. The fact is I was allowed to drive a car off the forecourt with 2 bald tyres and I was told by dealer the car had been checked and surely Tyres should have been part of the check.
  6. Less than 100 miles not enough miles or time to wear the Tyres enough according to the garage. I’m more angry I could have got up to a £5000 fine and 6 points, what would the dealership responsibilities be then?
  7. MOT done in March said near the legal limit which is fine I was going to replace the 2 anyway but for the garage to find they were below the 1.6mm limit seems wrong on the dealership part. I have given them both invoice and letter stating they were below the legal limit they say they are only responsible for electrical and mechanical faults.
  8. Hi, purchased a car from a large dealership 3 weeks ago today, had the car serviced on today it has come to light that I have been driving with 2 illegal rear Tyres. I have spoken to the dealership and produced an invoice and covering letter with the required proof of Tyre depth etc the dealership have now back tracked and said they only are responsible for electrical or mechanical faults not Tyres. Any advice please would be great.
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