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  1. By the way the fence problem is a different issue sorry if i put both my dilemmas in one
  2. The asphalt was put on to the tiles while we were out, no consultation with me I don’t have the intention of removing it my self asI don’t want no come backs if any damage is done, legally do i have a case to get it removed by my neighbour? As i have a twin wall flue for my wood stove coming out from the roof as i have to get the flue swept yearly also my tiles have to be moved to inspect under the flashing. What is my best way to go about it do I instruct a Soliceter or get in touch with the council even though it’s private housing? Please advise
  3. Good Afternoon, It would be greatly appreciated if you ladies and gentlemen can advise me what direction I should take, my problem is since we moved to our semi house my neighbour has made our lives hell constantly whinging and also accused us of damaging her property. Basically a blame game from her even though we have never done nothing whatsoever. She Even tried to put a anti social behaviour on me due to me refusing to pick up leaves from her garden saying the leaves belong to your trees. She asked me to replace the fences on the boundary which is my responsibility but here is my dilemma my side of the fence which has the feather boards there’s no rotting whatsoever due to me putting wood preservative and maintaining the fences, on her side where the framework batons hold the feathered boards have rotted away and the fences have collapsed due to her negligence of not maintaining her side, even though it’s my fence where do i stand in this predicament? she would not entertain on splitting the cost, i dare not ask. My main concern is that just recently she had her flat roof redone , my roof is pitched and there is a gap in between the both boundaries, but what her roofers have done they have stuck the asphalt on my roof tiles without any consultation also encroaching on to my side of the boundary. How and what way should i go about getting the asphalt off my tiles, I approached her to tell her to remove the asphalt but was rude. Legally how do i go about it, also do i have a strong case? At the moment i am a carear for my mother who is on palliative care so i had to give up work to look after her, so my finances are low. Please i would look forward to your responses and suggestions thank you.
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