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  1. No no mention of overtime. So let me get this correct, you basically have no rights in your first two years of working somewhere.
  2. I was told in my interview and via email my pay and hours. But certainly no formal letter of any kind
  3. No letter of offering at all. Yes I have had pay slips each month.
  4. Hi there I work for an estate in North Yorkshire. I have been here over a year. I still do not have a contract, every time I ask they say ow it's still been worked on. My concern is when I leave next year, will they pay my overtime. I heard they won't because it's in the contract. Obviously I don't have one yet.
  5. Hello everyone! Great news I got my money from Lloyds. Was actually really easy to do! So thanks everyone for the help. The next thing to do is to write to Lowell's. Now quick question, do I include my new address or simply ask for it ? Also why haven't they just done a backdoor ccj already? Why now? Anyone got a template I could use to write out and post?
  6. My account is still open and is my current account with Lloyds bank. At the time I was so unsure of what to do. I hope this can get resolved. Wish I knew of this site before. Off subject a little, where can I post issues related to work contract and overtime disputes?
  7. Regarding the bank issue, would you suggest phoning, writing or physically going into the bank to sort out the DD complaint ?
  8. Ok awesome I'll be calling my bank! Hopefully I get that money back!
  9. Will do thanks again. Does the DD guarantee scheme still apply even after so many years?
  10. My bank let them take it all in one go! I have my bank statements from when it happened. O2 is on the statement. I think the DD was around £20 a month. I had opened a two year contract with them. I asked Lowell's for my address they have and this there response Good morning, Thanks for your email. We will be able to action any requests and assist you further once the security checks have been complete. Under data protection legislation we’re unable to disclose information, or carry out requests, until we’ve confirmed we’re dealing with our customer. This is to protect the confidentiality of any personal information we hold for you. If you want to discuss your account by email, please confirm the following: Your current address, including your postcode. Your date of birth. If you don’t want to do this by email, you can confirm your email address by registering on our secure customer website at www.lowell.co.uk or by calling our team on 0333 556 5733. Kind regards, Sobiya Lowell Financial, part of Lowell T: 0333 556 5733 Email: post@lowellgroup.co.uk Opening Times: Monday - Friday 08:00 to 20:00, Saturday 08:00 to 14:00 Should I give them those details or not?
  11. Thanks again for the help. I will write to them then. Yes it was a direct debit setup. I had a taken a two year contract. The only reason I left it 4 years is because I never received any letters from O2, regarding the debt or anything. They never once tried to make contact again regarding the matter. How could I get to look into it? It definitely was injustice. Plus they emptied my overdraft facility, I had to borrow money from my mom to float me through a couple months. I am happy to fight this anyway possible
  12. Hi there.no I have not informed them of my current address. But they are sending me letters to my current address, so they clearly know about it. My current address is different to the original one I took the contract out on. No I did not include my address on CCA. I know it's affecting my credit file as I have seen it in the past credit check. How can I stop the ccj? Will they even go that far to do it?
  13. As its appearing on my short term loans on my credit score. They are aware of my place of work, as they send the letters there. Not sure how they got my work address. They also know my email as they sent me emails before I sent CCA request. Obviously I know now that you can't CCA on a phone bill
  14. I used credit wise, on there it doesn't show it. But before noddle changed over, you could see it there. But there was never a date of default.
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