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  1. yip its the only thing on my credit report. i have equifax plus experian. Nothing on them except the 02.
  2. Unfortunately it has. Can't even get a credit card or even an increase in my overdraft. It has been an issue, even when I had my meeting with the bank about getting a mortgage it came up straight away. It's a complete stuff up. Hence why I was hoping I could get it removed. I'll have read through that article above.
  3. Ok I see, so unfortunately i will have a default on my name for the another 2 years. It's totally unfair, cause now I can't buy a house for the next 2 years!!!!
  4. Thanks to you guys! The default was noted on the 26th of July 2016, so still still 2 years to go. On my Experian it says that default notice/company is Lowell's. So surely if they have given up then i can get the default removed? Nothing on there says anything about 02.?
  5. Hello chaps! For everyone involved I just want to say a massive thank you! We won boys we won. They discontinued the case completely! So chuffed! I'll be giving a donation next month! Thank you all again. I wanted to ask, now that the case is discontinued can I ask 02 to remove the default or will this not happen ? I really want to buy a house and it's reflecting badly on my credit score! Thanks again guys. I'll upload a picture of their letter soon as I have time!
  6. Received a notice of transfer of proceedings. I assume this is normal.
  7. Ye they never sent anything. I did say not to make contact as i am just finishing up lambing. Plus the mediator sounded like a real cow. It sounded like she worked for lowells, they way she carried on. Any way moving forward, ill wait for my n157 and see what happens. Either way, whatever happens they not getting a cent off me.
  8. Hi chaps hope you all well. Had a surprise call by the mediator today was in my tractor so really caught off guard.She said would I like to settle this amount by mediation.?my response was no,I want to defend this case all the way to court. Not sure this was the right answer or not ?
  9. ok all done, i have sent it to all the email addresses available. i got a auto response to all saying thanks for the email
  10. spoke to one of the staff at the courts, she saying they are behind in processing the questionaire. they will be doing it shortly. Do i take that as the truth or just send one again? Can they move against me if they claim i never sent one through?
  11. Hi guys urgent matter here. Checked mcol and its still not showing my response n180. I have emailed them 2 weeks ago and no response. Today is the last day it has to be in. I have sent it 3 times already. Once by post and have sent an email twice? trying to call them now with not much luck.
  12. So regards to the email i shouldn't do a thing? And the n180 even though i have sent it, should i try contact them or just leave it or what?
  13. I emailed within the time period about the 10th or so of April. Only has to be in on the 4th of May. What link are you asking for?
  14. HI chaps i got this in my email today, not sure how they got my email address. Any thoughts or advise will be welcome. I have removed all personal details and addresses etc Claimant: Lowell Portfolio I Ltd (Our Client) Defendant: Mr Our Ref: Claim No: Dear, We write further to receipt of your Defence dated 4 March 2020, the contents of which have been noted. In your Defence you state: The Particulars of Claim are generic in nature; The Letter of Claim has not been served; You admit to having an Agreement wit
  15. sorted thanks andy, now its saying that the email address does not exist ?
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