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  1. Hi I have previous written on here with a topic about the same pcn tickets but now u can’t reply on it . the title is the same as this 1 . Ok I have people’s advise on here and ignored all the letters sent to me and there been a lot . starpark or whatever name they like to use have now sent me this letter from CST law which is saying now about may effect my credit rating and could go in for 6 years !! I don’t fancy this going on all that time and I thought they may drop it so with all these court’s action they keep saying to me . Please advise me on this letter plz ?
  2. Hi , I’ve tried my best with the pdf files for u as I don’t have a proper scanner . Ive now received a letter from a debt recovery company and not from CEL asking for money . Is this a threat or will this company ask for the money as being a thrid agent ? New Note.pdf Saved Photo.pdf
  3. Update now with the letters I’ve had - x1 letter saying pay within 14 days or instruct thrid party collection agents - didn’t reply and no one came . This letter came today which I’ve sent a copy to you now , looks like my final one now if it goes to court , still haven’t replied to letter or accepted knowledge of the fines . Should i get evidence ready now or wait if they drop the case ?
  4. Ok , I will email the council again ask a few more questions. i have also attached pictures of the camera on the building as u enter the car park Saved Photo.pdf
  5. Update , I have now received the next letter from CEL and uploaded for you . I am still waiting for reply off the council about the camera and permits . The bottom of the letter worries me about sending third party agents now . Please advise cheers . Saved Photo.pdf
  6. Hi , thank you for all the info so far , I will contact the Dvla next to find out where they obtained my details from . I’m unsure now what to do as my 14days is due up and appeal against it or leave it ? I guess I will have more letters from them threatening court action?
  7. FE499A8C-69E2-4D9A-9F00-8F3B570A546F.pdfFE499A8C-69E2-4D9A-9F00-8F3B570A546F.pdf Hi , I attached letters as described
  8. Hi , details as follows : date of infringement 30th may date received 10th june letter does mention schedule 4 protection of freedom act 2012 two photos sent of car entering and leaving carpark i have not appealed sign says star park at bottom as company website car park is called lambourne house , bridge cross road Burntwood ws7 2bx body running site iS bpa , it says on bottom of sign
  9. Hi , i have been reading on your site about other people’s pcn been given out and been cancelled. Im new to all this and never had a one before but from reading on this site the car park is poorly signed . I got a ticket the other day and was two minutes over my free 20 mins I used the car park again the next week and got another one 4 mins over my free 20 mins got both pcns at the same time through post . Is there any leeway on being over a couple of minutes late ? Any info would be useful as I haven’t replied to these letters yet
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