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  1. Morning BazzaS, I was just going off the advice in a previous comment #61. Thanks for your reply , much appreciated . I am going to sort a list of experts today and forward them on to the claimant for her to decide which expert she wants to use. What do I do if she doesn’t want to cooperate? Do I need to send the list of experts to court also ?
  2. Hi Received the directions today regarding the expert report . Not sure about the best way forward . I’ve no issue with the installation and cameras being checked everything was done as it should have been. And the expert should back this up , My only worry is the dvr. I know she had it in court. She could easily break it if she wanted. If I fail to comply what would be the worst case scenario? I don’t want her to get away with it she’s malicious and a liar!
  3. I’m sure the judge knew she had brought the dvr box with her , she did say she had brought it and it was on the desk , that’s why I never said anything in the hearing it’s only when I got home and thought about it more. I’m kicking my self now! I’ll see what the directions say and go from there but if I do ignore them and the claim is struck out would that be it? Would I still be able to claim my cost back? Ive got a feeling she’s not going to comply with these directions anyway as she hasn’t with any of the others.
  4. No there was no guarantee or warranty given on the installation but the equipment had a standard 12 month warranty which has now expired. I only though about it properly last night although she didn’t show the judge the DVR she definitely had it in court yesterday.
  5. Hi Andy , Yes I told him I was qualified I think that’s why he asked me to compile the list of NSI certified cctv installers for us to choose from. She said she wasn’t happy about this but the judge told her it would be the only way to progress the claim and she agreed. I didn’t think about it at the time but she took the DVR to court yesterday so she has pulled it all out , now I’m thinking it’s not going to be inspected as it was when I left it . The way she conducted herself yesterday was shocking so.... Yes it’s going to be a nightmare to get her to agree on anything. Also so did a little research on the councillor , found a newspaper article from 2016 about her using council resources for her personal gain and had to pay monies back to the council purse.
  6. Just out of curiosity could I have objected to having an expert report and had the claim dealt with there and then? Just feel a bit annoyed that I have to sort the expert and pay half for the privilege when the claimant hasn’t followed the directions which the judge made clear to her today. I was just hoping today would be the end of it either way And thank you for the links , much appreciated it really is , would have been in a right mess if not for your help.
  7. Hi Andy , yes she attended as ward councillor and moral support . The claimant did her self no favours today, The judge was unimpressed with the amount of paperwork she had served. She had to be told to stop using emotive language on a few occasions. It only lasted 20mins. He asked if I would compile a list of experts and then decide between ourselfs who we use and we split the cost. she wasn’t happy. She didn’t conduct herself very well at all.
  8. Update Attended court today for the hearing. Claimant attended also. The judge said he couldn’t make a judgment based on the evidence the claimant had given, he told her the evidence she submitted was inadmissible and that she hadn’t followed directions. He’s ordered an expert report on the system and to attend another hearing in around 8 weeks.I’ve no problem with the order for an expert report it will only prove the system does work ,but I can’t understand if her evidence is nonsense and can’t be used why it’s not been thrown out?
  9. Thanks for your time Andy . should I have sent a DQ ? I’ve just looked them up. I’ve not seen one before now? I didn’t send one with my witness statement. And I’ve not received one from the claimant.
  10. Hi Andy If DQ is directions questionnaire then she has not sent one? The only documents I’ve had are handwritten ranting other than the original claim still addressed to my work that came from Salford court plus a few dodgy photos that have clearly been messed with.
  11. Hello , Another update .... I filed the witness statement with court and the claimant on 14th October as requested on the directions. Today I got some more documents from the claimant tilted “reply to witness statement “ and dated 18th October , It’s contradictory from the other documents she has sent me over the last few months and the “story” changes in certain places from the previous documents . Again she states she has sent evidence to court but I haven’t received it. She says she’s had numerous conversations with the court and they are aware of the evidence. She also says the councillor will be attending the hearing as a witness, is she allowed? Also just Wanted to check that I don’t need to reply to anything else and just wait for the Hearing on the 30th? Just worried in case I miss something. Many thanks .
  12. Thank you for the quick reply , yes I have read them I’ve uploaded the first page of my witness statement just a draft , I’ve tried to keep it all in chronological order and only facts and stick to 1 point per paragraph. I’ve started to sort the claimants paperwork but it’s all over the place , no order to any of it . Suppose that’s a good thing for me though! Would I reference the non compliance at the beginning of my statement? 2019-10-08_125201.pdf
  13. Hi received this note today with some photos of txt messages from the claimant . There’s no claim number on any of what she has sent ? Do I take this into account and reply or just ignore it for now? Is this her witness statement along with the other letters she sent in August after we had it set aside? I’m sooooo confused
  14. Hi Andy thank you for the reply . Yes I read your post ... so do I just resubmit my defence from the original claim? She has just thrown me off abit with the second lot of paperwork she sent on the 19th August . Going of the letter I think thats her evidence as She apologises to the judge for filing the 1st one incorrectly even though this one isn’t correct either , and there are the added witness statements and receipts I never got with the first one. Apologies if I’m asking repetitive or obvious questions your help and time is much appreciated , thank you
  15. Hi Just to update , telephoned the court this afternoon and all the fees have been paid but I’ve had no correspondence since the letter I received on the 19th August. No evidence , photographs or anything. Although she does state in that letter the court has all of this? Im just confused why I haven’t got it and how I am supposed to reply. Should I just reply to the response pack I originally received ? And forget about the letter she sent on the 19th August ? Many thanks
  16. Probably not relevant but just looked up the councillor on Facebook seems she is friends with the man who has done the inspection report on the cctv system I fitted . Had an idea that the report he did was fishy! Just makes me so angry
  17. Thanks Andy, Thats what I thought thanks for confirming. Should I give a reply to the letter I received the other day? I’m not even sure what it is if I’m honest it’s just headed “lies” theres no points to it , it’s just repetitive ranting. And Do I need to inform the court I haven’t received her evidence and that she wants to use the councillor as a witness or do I just sit tight until the hearing? It says in the directions the claim will be struck out if the claimant hasn’t filed a properly completed application by the 2nd Oct. As it’s not been written out correctly and I have not received her evidence Could it be struck out altogether? Thank you
  18. Hi , got another update yesterday . The claiment has sent me some paperwork . It’s her claim again but written out as the judge required , Will this be the one used in court or the first one she sent ? it hasn’t come from the court it has come directly from her . It states she has sent evidence and photographs to the court but I haven’t got or seen any of it , all I have is 15 pages of ranting and it’s really hard to read as it’s handwritten. Should I also receive all evidence she plans to use at the hearing ? She has got the electrical man to sign and date his letter but he hasn’t written “I believe this statement to be true” at the end. Does she have to ask for permission to use an expert as a witness? Also she is claiming for the court fees even though she sent it to the wrong address to begin with. She is claiming for £40 in photos which I haven’t seen and £70 in postage costs. She is also claiming for high court enforcement of £150 and £350 in court fees , if it has been set aside how can she claim? She says she hasn’t taken litigation or threatened court action to any cctv company’s and has sent evidence to court , again I have not got this or seen it . And she told me numerous times she had taken the big company to court and won. She has sent a me witness statement from her local councillor on council letter headed paper . This is new I’ve not received this before yesterday . In text messages I received on the 20th sept the claiment says “ councillor S**** my friend came last night she said the same as me , the cameras are a lot clearer than the ones ***** put in.” In the witness statement from the councillor for court she says she visited the claiment in September 2018 and the images are “blurred and fuzzy , you could not make out the images there was white orbs in the picture” The claimant said the councillor will be attending the hearing. Thanks for reading any advice is appreciated .
  19. Hi , uploaded a copy of the general form of judgement or order I have received today 2019-07-30_140112.pdf 2019-07-30_140228.pdf
  20. Hi Another update I attended court today and the judgement has been set aside. Thanks for the help! He said I will receive a letter to resubmit my defence but as I have already done this he said just to acknowledge it has already been sent . He also said there will be a small claims hearing and if I win the claiment must pay my costs. The claiment didn’t attend today. I update more when I have received the letter. Many thanks for your help getting it set aside.
  21. Thanks for getting it back on track. Could you advise on what to expect? Is this hearing just to get it set aside then I would attend again to defend the claim?Or will all of it be dealt with there and then. Many thanks again just want to make sure I’m prepared.
  22. Hi just to update I have received a letter for a notice of hearing of application for the judgement to be set aside .
  23. Thank you for your time Andy , really appreciate it . I will get it all filled out and take it to court by hand , at least I know that they have received it then.
  24. Hahahahaha whoops .... I have another picture of her on one of the higher cameras and you can make out her face she’s trying it it on . Just annoyed I sent the paperwork to the wrong email address to begin with
  25. Thank you for looking it over, Much appreciated would your advise be to go with or without a hearing ? and should I also add to the N244 about the defence being sent to the wrong court? I apologise if my questions are silly , just don't want to get it wrong again . thanks again
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