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  1. I can't thank you all enough for your help and time dealing with this, it's really appreciated. Honestly your advice and patience has been invaluable and I've learnt so much. Thank you. But No point in dwelling onwards and upwards, hopefully karma will go looking for her. You live and learn. Definitely no more favours.
  2. Makes me wonder if her councillor friend had a hand in it. She is well dodgy. Been in local paper a few times for dodgy dealings. I'm in shock, I cant believe it.
  3. She ended up with £550 for the cctv system that still up at her property and £150 for costs. She tried to claim for law enforcement, I think she means bailiffs. And all sorts of court fees. She wanted £1650 all in.
  4. No, but it's all so strange especially how she has conducted herself. Something seems off. The photos in my evidence of the cctv images should have been enough on their own without all the txt messages she sent telling me how clear they are and what a good job I've done. Funnily enough she had the paperwork for her costs.
  5. God knows , Really dont know how I lost, she got caught her out with the lies she told. In summing up the judge agreed with the "expert" witness that the height wouldn't make a difference to image quality even though it does. I just dont get it, she didnt even have any of the paperwork the judge had to read it for her, she said she had lost it. I'm livid. She tried to claim costs of £1050 plus £550 but was awarded £750 cheeky cow! I asked if I could appeal but the judge said it wasn't a good idea.
  6. Had the hearing this morning and lost! Dont know what else to say. Absolutely pissed off! Judge said her experts evidence had weight even though he said he wished he never met her , absolutely stinks!
  7. Hi, Received the new order this morning. I've attached it to the post. Thanks for reading. mags may 2021.pdf
  8. Hi , thanks for all the replies, Much appreciated. I've not spoken to the expert we agreed on yet, I am waiting on the directions from the court after the hearing last week. I have received a letter from the claimant this morning telling me she is in the process of getting a fully qualified cctv expert. Think she's trying to backtrack on the family friend non expert she said she wanted at the last hearing. The letter is nonsense she's on about a cracked skirting board now.
  9. Hi Andy, Thanks for the info. I'm struggling to understand how the claim can be resolved with no independent expert. At the last hearing the judge said it could only be resolved with an independent experts report. We aagreed on one. Why would he then let her pick her own and me act as my own expert? Her "expert" did a witness statement at the very beginning, im sure the judge told her at one of the hearings it couldn't be used as he wasn't an expert. I think I uploaded the report. Its rubbish. Will her "expert" do a new report or just attend the hearing and rely on his initial statement? I'll will update when I get the info from the court. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow and update if I find anything out.
  11. Yes very patient. She is a nightmare! I couldn't believe it when she said who she wanted to use as an expert. Just confused as to why the original expert didnt want to do it, maybe she didnt instruct them in the 1st place. I have never recieved anything from them. She said she spoke to them and they have put a trace on me. She's crackers! Thank you for all the advice, fingers crossed the next hearing will be the last.
  12. Morning, Just to update, I had the telephone directions hearing this morning. She told the judge the independent expert we chose will not attend now. She said they had put a trace on me whatever that means. She couldn't explain why they wouldn't attend and I have not received any correspondence from them as to a reason why. The judge said she could use her own expert. Her expert is an electrician he does not install cctv equipment therefore not an expert. He is also a family friend of the claimant. I raised my concerns with the judge regarding this he said he would deal with it at the hearing. He said I could be my own expert. The hearing will be booked for after 21st June at the claimants property.
  13. Thanks Andy Your right, it is nonsense! At the directions hearing would I be able to ask to have it struck out? She missed the last deadline and made no effort to contact the court. Surely he can't give her another chance, its madness.
  14. Morning, phoned the court this morning. The claim was put back In front if the judge yesterday. He has ordered a direction's hearing for May 4th via telephone.
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