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  1. Thank you for the quick reply , yes I have read them I’ve uploaded the first page of my witness statement just a draft , I’ve tried to keep it all in chronological order and only facts and stick to 1 point per paragraph. I’ve started to sort the claimants paperwork but it’s all over the place , no order to any of it . Suppose that’s a good thing for me though! Would I reference the non compliance at the beginning of my statement? 2019-10-08_125201.pdf
  2. Hi received this note today with some photos of txt messages from the claimant . There’s no claim number on any of what she has sent ? Do I take this into account and reply or just ignore it for now? Is this her witness statement along with the other letters she sent in August after we had it set aside? I’m sooooo confused
  3. Hi Andy thank you for the reply . Yes I read your post ... so do I just resubmit my defence from the original claim? She has just thrown me off abit with the second lot of paperwork she sent on the 19th August . Going of the letter I think thats her evidence as She apologises to the judge for filing the 1st one incorrectly even though this one isn’t correct either , and there are the added witness statements and receipts I never got with the first one. Apologies if I’m asking repetitive or obvious questions your help and time is much appreciated , thank you
  4. Hi Just to update , telephoned the court this afternoon and all the fees have been paid but I’ve had no correspondence since the letter I received on the 19th August. No evidence , photographs or anything. Although she does state in that letter the court has all of this? Im just confused why I haven’t got it and how I am supposed to reply. Should I just reply to the response pack I originally received ? And forget about the letter she sent on the 19th August ? Many thanks
  5. Probably not relevant but just looked up the councillor on Facebook seems she is friends with the man who has done the inspection report on the cctv system I fitted . Had an idea that the report he did was fishy! Just makes me so angry
  6. Thanks Andy, Thats what I thought thanks for confirming. Should I give a reply to the letter I received the other day? I’m not even sure what it is if I’m honest it’s just headed “lies” theres no points to it , it’s just repetitive ranting. And Do I need to inform the court I haven’t received her evidence and that she wants to use the councillor as a witness or do I just sit tight until the hearing? It says in the directions the claim will be struck out if the claimant hasn’t filed a properly completed application by the 2nd Oct. As it’s not been written out correctly and I have not received her evidence Could it be struck out altogether? Thank you
  7. Hi , got another update yesterday . The claiment has sent me some paperwork . It’s her claim again but written out as the judge required , Will this be the one used in court or the first one she sent ? it hasn’t come from the court it has come directly from her . It states she has sent evidence and photographs to the court but I haven’t got or seen any of it , all I have is 15 pages of ranting and it’s really hard to read as it’s handwritten. Should I also receive all evidence she plans to use at the hearing ? She has got the electrical man to sign and date his letter but he hasn’t written “I believe this statement to be true” at the end. Does she have to ask for permission to use an expert as a witness? Also she is claiming for the court fees even though she sent it to the wrong address to begin with. She is claiming for £40 in photos which I haven’t seen and £70 in postage costs. She is also claiming for high court enforcement of £150 and £350 in court fees , if it has been set aside how can she claim? She says she hasn’t taken litigation or threatened court action to any cctv company’s and has sent evidence to court , again I have not got this or seen it . And she told me numerous times she had taken the big company to court and won. She has sent a me witness statement from her local councillor on council letter headed paper . This is new I’ve not received this before yesterday . In text messages I received on the 20th sept the claiment says “ councillor S**** my friend came last night she said the same as me , the cameras are a lot clearer than the ones ***** put in.” In the witness statement from the councillor for court she says she visited the claiment in September 2018 and the images are “blurred and fuzzy , you could not make out the images there was white orbs in the picture” The claimant said the councillor will be attending the hearing. Thanks for reading any advice is appreciated .
  8. Hi , uploaded a copy of the general form of judgement or order I have received today 2019-07-30_140112.pdf 2019-07-30_140228.pdf
  9. Hi Another update I attended court today and the judgement has been set aside. Thanks for the help! He said I will receive a letter to resubmit my defence but as I have already done this he said just to acknowledge it has already been sent . He also said there will be a small claims hearing and if I win the claiment must pay my costs. The claiment didn’t attend today. I update more when I have received the letter. Many thanks for your help getting it set aside.
  10. Thanks for getting it back on track. Could you advise on what to expect? Is this hearing just to get it set aside then I would attend again to defend the claim?Or will all of it be dealt with there and then. Many thanks again just want to make sure I’m prepared.
  11. Hi just to update I have received a letter for a notice of hearing of application for the judgement to be set aside .
  12. Thank you for your time Andy , really appreciate it . I will get it all filled out and take it to court by hand , at least I know that they have received it then.
  13. Hahahahaha whoops .... I have another picture of her on one of the higher cameras and you can make out her face she’s trying it it on . Just annoyed I sent the paperwork to the wrong email address to begin with
  14. Thank you for looking it over, Much appreciated would your advise be to go with or without a hearing ? and should I also add to the N244 about the defence being sent to the wrong court? I apologise if my questions are silly , just don't want to get it wrong again . thanks again
  15. Hi Andy this is what the claim states Particulars of claim I paid the defendant for home CCTV installation that was not completed. Left with wires exposed and dangerous. Cameras blurred , out of focus , cameras different mm all equipment unbranded CCTV not fit for purpose and substandard and does not work . From the beginning I have requested several times to come and remove the equipment. He has cosen to ignre this , my texts and also calls , He lest me in a terrible mess and ill with worry. he visited my my home on 5th September as I wanted to upgrade new CCTV. He sat with me and asked me to tell him what I wanted. I made it fully clear I wanted a DVR box almost silent running. I said I wanted the controls on the front with the usb port on the front , I said I want a hand control again. I did not get this at all , instead I was faced with a cheap 8x8ins box with no controls or usb on the front also no hand control. I explained that I am disabled with spinal also joint problems and I have to control it from my chair. he said no problem at all . I made it clear that I was advised by the police to get HD IP cameras , This time . I explained about the problems around my home and stressed how important it is to have cameras of good quality so that the police if need be can see clear if anything happens near my home. I stressed over and over do not attempt to put cameras up if the footage cannot be seen clear . He said trust me you ill have crisp clear footage , I told him the police had been in my home many times but were unabl to take any action as the footage was blurred . I had analogue in before so this is why I was advised to get HD IP Cameras this time. Again he said no problem I have done this for over 4 years . He carried the work out on 11 September the price he gave was £475 for four cameras , He then raised the price to £530 , I paid £550 he told me to make the cheque out to defendant , I was not given a receipt or any form of paperwork , he would not give me his home address . I had to phone defendant a few hours after he left 11th September , the footage was shocking , it was blurred and faces passing my house could not be seen. My TV was making a cracking noise , that worried me . The picture on the TV was breaking up also my channels would not come on when I moved the DVR wire that goes from the box to the tv , the picture came back on but not for long I cannot count on one hand the amount of times defendant came back - he brought a man with him called ******* , defendant said this is my electrician he does all the wire work as I cannot do that part he also puts cameras up . 1- defendant has not been back since 27 September 2018 2- he has been sent many photographs of TV and Footage 3- he has been asked several times to remove and refund 4-he has been given 3 chances to correct his work 5-After a full week he returned with a booster aerial , He blamed it on my own Aerial , he blamed it on my aerial ports in each room , I had a hole dilled through my wall as he said the camera was too high. This was only brought down a few inches from where my original cameras was placed also used for four and half years . The blame goes on and on . Last he wanted his electrician to join a cable onto my lofts aerial and bring it down my wall. I was ill with worry, the last shock came when I said I would report him , he said I told you I was doing this job on the side , I had to ask councillor ******* to come to my home , I was in shock of it all , I would never have allowed this , he left me in a shocking mess and wont refund. this is my defence I also have photos and text messages but not sure how to upload cant seem to get them in the correct file. I attended Mrs******** property on the 5th September 2018 regarding fitting a CCTV system . We discussed requirements and budgets . Mrs ******* said she wanted clear footage and a silent dvr system nothing else was requested . She told me her budget was £500 as she was selling the house and didn’t want to spend a lot. Whilst chatting she told me how a previous company had ripped her off . They were contracted to fit IP cameras and had fitted analogue instead. She told me she paid a lot of money for the system and trading standards had been involved. I explained to her that on a £500 budget I couldn’t fit IP cameras . The system I would install would be an analogue HD system and I would mount the cameras at the recommended height of 2.4 meters to ensure a clearer image. I Told Mrs******* I would call her the next day to give her a price. Called Mrs ****** 6th September 2018 to give her a quote . I advised I could fit a 3 camera system for £475.00 or a 4 camera system for £525.00. I Told Mrs ******** there was no rush and to let me know when she had thought about. She said she would go ahead and have the 4 camera system and we agreed I would install on the 11th September 2018. 11th September 2018 arrived at Mrs ******** , Upon installation of the first camera after the hole had been drilled and camera mounted at the recommended height of 2.4m meters she requested no more holes be drilled into the walls and that she would like the rest of the cameras installed where the previous cameras were mounted.(please see photo 1) I advised that mounting the cameras that high would compromise the image quality and they should be no higher than 2.4 meters but I could run a cable down from the higher mounting point so I didn’t have to drill any more holes but she said she didn’t want to put potential buyers off due to cables running down the house. Although I didn’t agree I did as Mrs******** wished and mounted the remaining cameras at the previous higher mounting place. Upon leaving the system were all working as should and I advised Mrs ********* the cameras would need some time to settle , and that I would need to come back as camera angles might need adjusting also I needed to order a microphone. We arranged 13th September 2018 to go finish off . Mrs ********* was happy with this , She paid me buy a cheque that was already wrote out for £550 it was just missing my surname. At no time did I ask Mrs ********* for any extra money. We agreed on £525. I have a text message from Thursday 18th October 2018 stating she had given me an extra £25. I Made contact on Thursday 13th September 2018 with Mrs ******* via Text message to advise her the microphone hadn’t arrived and that I would attend Friday 14th September 2018. Mrs ********* was unavailable and not around until Saturday after lunch. Mrs ********** text me on Sunday 16th September and told her I would be there on Monday 17th September 2018. Due to work commitments I had to rearrange and would get there Tuesday 18th September 2018. Arrived at Mrs ********* Tuesday 18th September 2018 to adjust cameras , CCTV footage was clear and working as should. Mrs ********* mentioned a problem with her tv signal. She thought the CCTV system was interfering with the tv signal. At this visit She also mentioned she had another system installed other than the one mentioned previous by someone called ****** she said he encountered the same problem with tv interference so that made me confident there wasn’t a fault with the system I installed. The CCTV images are clear with no break lines. I advised Mrs ********* I could connect it to her router so she could view it on her laptop and/or phone but she declined . I said I would look into it and get back to her although I felt the issue lay with her TV aerial and not the system I installed I felt sorry for her and told her I would try to find a solution to the issue. Later that day Mrs ********** text me to request a different dvr box with controls and a usb at the front although this was never asked for on the initial visit. Received numerous messages over several days from Mrs ********** regarding the TV signal and she told me that she had pulled all the wires out on a few occasions , she also sent me footage of broken tv signal . After researching the problem I found that a booster aerial should help with the interference . I visited Mrs ********* again on the 27th September 2018 and fitted the booster aerial and this solved the interference with the tv signal CCTV clear and working as should . I also bought a usb extender cable so it was easier for Mrs ********* to plug her usb in to download any footage. The wireless mouse she used with her last system was also compatible . Mrs Johnson text me later that evening “thanks for sorting it , You have outdone yourself” and asked if I could fit her infra red lights. Friday 28th September 2018 , Mrs ******** text me to tell me she had pulled all the plugs as the sound on the TV was not right, followed by numerous text messages of her tv breaking up. Mrs *********** stated in her claim I have not visited he property since 27th September 2018 , This is not true I Visited again on 1st October 2018. CCTV system working as should with no problems and clear footage (please see photo 2 & 3) No issues with TV signal upon leaving. Text message from Mrs ******* saying “TV stayed on with no problems”. Followed by “TV cracked up when I closed curtains” She also informed me the camera on the front of the property was blurred and she couldn’t make faces out , I told her I had noticed too and I would upgrade it to a varifocal camera at no extra cost. I told Mrs ********** I would see when I could fit her in and she replied “don’t worry if you cant come this week at least for now I can see what's going off” I explained the only problem I can see regarding the tv signal is her roof aerial as its attached to the old analogue signal and not the BBC installed booster aerial in Mrs *********** attic. I offered to run an aerial cable from the BBC installed device in the attic to her TV but Mrs ********** declined. Mrs ********* text on Tuesday 9th October 2018 and asked when will the job get finished I text Mrs ********* back on Saturday 13th explaining I was on holiday. Monday 15th October 2018 and advised I would attend Thursday 18th October 2018 to install the upgraded camera. Mrs ********** replied stating she wanted me to remove the system and a full refund as it was a cheap tacky system she also states the system in unbranded in her claim but a text message she sent me on 15th October 2018 she knew the system was Hikvision . The system was a budget system made by the Hikvision brand, supplied and fitted for £525 is almost cost price and a 2 man job. I also was happy to swap the front camera for an upgrade and purchased extras not priced in. I have offered to connect the dvr through her router to connect on her laptop and/or phone. I asked Mrs ********** if she would like me to run cable down from the bbc box to her tv and she has declined all solutions. Mrs ********** states the wiring was dangerous although no electrical wiring was undertaken by me or my colleague the system is plug and play with a 12v transformer. All wires were left tidy , Mrs ********* had text me on several occasions between visits to say she had pulled the wires out and wiggled wires. Mrs ********** also said she had contacted my place of work. I never told her I would be doing any works for the company I work for. I was asked to visit Mrs******* by an extended family member called ******* who does maintenance work for her , he told me she was having disputes with her neighbors and school children were annoying her . I work full time and could do with out the hassle but a friend had recently lost his job and thought it would help him out with some extra cash before Christmas . She has not been ripped off and the CCTV system was working fine , the footage was clear . I have tried my best to solve the fault with the TV signal and offered alternative solutions to which Mrs ******** is not willing to compromise. This has caused an extreme amount of stress not only disrupting my home life but also at work as Mrs ********* has called my place of work on a few occasions and the last time she called spoke to me thinking it was my boss stating that I was stealing equipment in order to carry out jobs on the side , she stated my name and also asked for my home address which wouldn’t give her , Mrs ********* has also had court papers sent to my place of work which has caused extreme embarrassment , I feel like my working relationship with my boss and within the company in general has been adversely affected and i feel untrusted in my working environment. Thankfully my boss has been very understanding and knows I would not rip off old ladies or steal from the company. Mrs ********** has made several false remarks in her claim . Point 1 of Mrs ********** claim states I have not visited her since the 27th September 2018, I attended Mrs Johnsons property on the 1st October 2018. Point 2 - Mrs ********* has sent only sent photographs of her TV Breaking up , No footage from her CCTV has been sent to me as this is working as it should. Point 3 & 4 - Mrs ******** told me to remove the system on the 15th October 2018 and told me she had been in touch with my place of work . I messaged Mrs ********* back explaining that there are no issues with the CCTV system and that I am very upset she felt the need to call my place of work when I installed the system as a favor at almost cost price , once again I made it clear to Mrs ********** the work had not been done by the company I work for. Again I told Mrs ********* I would come and upgrade the front camera at no extra cost , she messaged me back and told me she was contacting my place of work again and would be taking me to court. I explained if the work was carried out by the company I worked for payment would be made to them not me personally. She messaged me again she told me the footage was not clear and she could not see the children playing in the neighboring garden I explained that she should not be viewing other peoples gardens , she told me I was blackmailing her and she was contacting the police and that the court papers had been sent , Again I gave Mrs ********** the option of having the front camera upgraded to which she declined. Point 5 - The booster aerial fitted fixed the problem with Mrs ********* TV signal. Point 6 - I never blamed any of the Issues on Mrs ********** power sockets or Aerial ports. Non of these devices where causing problems with CCTV system . Mrs ********** was aware placing the cameras where the original cameras were placed was too high and would compromise the CCTV footage. I lowered the 1st camera to 2.4 meters , 2 meters lower than the original placement not " a few inches " as she states in her claim (see photo 1) The report from **electrical is not dated , ********** told me she had 2 other systems fitted prior to the one I installed and she had taken 1 of them to court , How do I know when this report was made and if it was for the system I fitted. In the report it is pointed out that cables were left with copper showing at the rear of the DVR . I left all the cables in a good state , Mrs ******* has text messaged numerous times to tell me she had pulled all cables and plugs out of the DVR and wiggled wires which could of caused the exposure of the copper. The recommended fittings for AHD cameras with CAT5 cable are balluns as used. RJ45 connectors would only be used for IP cameras . The system was not unbranded . I used a Hikvision system and Mrs ********* was aware of the brand used. DC electrical recommend they would use a POE system with a minimum of 5 mega pixel , I would recommend the same but not on a budget of £500. Mrs ******** claims the equipment was dangerous , No where in the report from ** **********does it state the work carried out was dangerous in any way. **electircal states Mrs ******** paid a lot of money for the system she has received. I know that for a system similar to the one I installed for Mrs ******** it would cost in excess of £900 supplied and fitted with a premium system costing on average £1500 plus . Mrs ********* paid £525.
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