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  1. So even if she has missed the deadline it can still be relisted? Would she have to start the process again from the beginning? I thought once the stay had expired that would be the end of it. If she does nothing where would I stand in claiming back the fees and expenses? Would they just be wrote off? Thank you for the replies.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes they said they was a few days behind when I rung. I will ring again Friday. The order doesn't say anything if theres no response from her. Also if theres no response will I be able to claim my costs back?
  3. Morning, Hope everyone is well. Just to update, I phoned court yesterday to find out if the claimant has written to them. The court said they have not received anything and to call back next week. The letter I received dated 4th May said the claim is stayed for 4 months and the hearing on the 20th is vacated. The claimant had to write within 7 days of the expiry of the stay to inform the court if they wanted the matter to be listed again. The lady I spoke to at court seemed confused and couldn't confirm if the deadline was from the 4th May or the 20th
  4. HI Just a quick update. Received a letter from court today. The claim has been stayed for four months and the hearing vacated. The claimant shall write to the court within 7 days of the expiry of the stay to inform the court if the matter should be listed for a hearing or if an extension of the stay required. Since this order was made of the courts own motion any party shall have permission to apply to the court to vary the contents of the order or set aside within 7 days of service. Thanks.
  5. BazzaS thanks , didn’t look at it that way. I served a witness statement before the last hearing but it doesn’t include the photos of the camera she has interfered with as she did this after the hearing when the judge asked for an expert report. Shes sneaky. That’s why she had an issue of me hand delivering letters and phoned the police saying I was harassing her. Should I send an updated one including the things that have happened since?
  6. Thanks, I just don’t understand it. How can it be a fair hearing at her house? Doesn’t seem very fair to me especially when I’ve done what’s been asked with the help for you guys. Which I really appreciate , I didn’t have a clue what to do before coming here. Can’t thank you all enough. No mention of a witness statement in the order. I think all that was sent in before the last hearing when the judge said he couldn’t rule unless the cctv had been inspected. But I will check.
  7. Hi, I have uploaded the general form of judgment or order I received this morning. It came in 2 parts but I’ve scanned the together. Thank you for reading. 2020-02-29_mags.pdf
  8. Thank you I thought when she said, never had to deal with the courts before so I wasn’t sure. I will wait to see what the new order say like you said, thanks again.
  9. Thanks I don’t understand why it has been changed again. Twice she hasn’t followed the directions and now the hearing is in the comfort of her own home. Just doesn’t feel fair when I’ve done everything asked of me
  10. Morning , Just to update , called to expert this morning to find out if an expert has been out to do the report but They haven’t . I phoned the court to see if they could update me and they said a new order has been made which i will receive shortly. The person at court did briefly outline what it said . The expert and the judge will attend the claimants property and the hearing will be held at the claimants property on the 20th May . Is this usual practice? Many thanks
  11. Thanks for the quick reply , she’s trying her best to get out of having this expert report done . The judge has told her he can’t make a judgment without it so it’s in her interest to get it done , she’s off her head accusing me of harassing her. The police officer who rang was even apologetic. Thanks again for putting my mind at rest.
  12. Morning , Update .... after the last court date in January a couple of days later I received a phone call from Bradford police , the claimant had made an accusation of me harassing her. I did go once and take more photos as I think she will move the cameras back before the expert did the report. At no time did I see her or talk to her and I took the photos from the road. I didn’t go near her property, Not sure how she knew I was there ,all the curtains were closed unless she looked on the cctv that she claims doesn’t work! The police didn’t follow this up , I did
  13. Thanks for the reply, Just wondered, Does anyone know how I will find out when the expert is visiting the claimants property to do the report. I can’t see it in the directions or am I missing it? Will the expert contact me or is it upto the claimant to inform me when the report will take place. The advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hi , Uploaded the General Form of Judgement or Order I received today. 2020-01-30_163458.pdf
  15. Hi No she won’t give permission for me to film inside her home but would I need her permission if the expert agrees to film outside as that’s where the cameras are? She must instruct the expert by the 25th February. The final hearing is 1st May.
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