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  1. Thank you that’s really helpful, car has done 48k and the dealer is autocapizolli who specialise in Italian cars (it’s an Abarth 500) tbh i can afford it in about 6 weeks time so think I will just wait until then. Do you think I would be justified in asking the garage to pay for a replacement or go half’s on it?
  2. HI all, I recently purchased a used car from a garage on finance its 5 years old, when I collected the car I was told it had 3 months warranty (ive owned it for 6 weeks now) I have just discovered that the timing belt should be changed every 5 years (the 5 years came up about a month after I purchased it) Im pretty sure it hasnt on this car and when I did my research I thought it was every 6 years, I also needed the car quickly otherwise I would of ensured it was done prior to me picking it up. Im not in a position to pay to have this done as yet as ive recently split with my wife and money is a bit tight, where do I stand if it breaks within the 3 month period. I would just also like to say that I wasnt given a warranty policy or anything as I know most of these dont cover these things anyway so my warranty is with the original garage. Any advice greatly appreciated, if I have to pay to get it done myself then thats fair enough I was just after some advice. I have emailed the garage and surprise surprise they havent responded, and all I asked them was how much they would charge to get it replaced, I wasnt asking them to do it free of charge, so Im a bit like if thats how they are then maybe they know it should of been changed prior to purchase. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
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