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  1. I did not 'expect' anything at all. I asked. Nothing more. I have not ignored any advice. I have refused to name the dealer. But you have joined in to also tell me I am wrong not to. Has it occured to any of you people that i might actually have a very good reason NOT to name the dealer? Like not wanting bricks through my windows for example? All I was interested in was the lagality of what to do with the car. Nothing else. Obviously this is not the forum for me, so i will be grateful if someone can delete this thread and close my account.
  2. I am curious. I posted a question about responsibility for a car I am rejecting sold to me by a dealer. The only person thus far to respond happens to be a site team member, who's very first line contained ''What is the name of the dealer?''. I replied that I am not comfortable naming them, but that led to me being ''wrong'' and ''being obsessed with this kind of stuff''. But the member who responded seemed to be the one obsessed with finding out the dealer name. I felt like I was being almost bullied. Tell us the name. Tell us the name. You are bad for not telling us the name. Bra
  3. Well, I very much appreciate that you are Site Team. But you have no right at all to say '' you are quite wrong'' because I won't name the delaer at this time. I think what you have succeeded in doing is put people like me off asking for help. Bravo to you.
  4. Thanks for your help. I do not appreciate the sarcastic ''Bravo''. Is it it a rule to name them? No. I do not feel comfortable doing that at the moment so no matter how much you want, that is not going to happen. I simply wanted advise on what to do about the car. If you are unable to help, that is fine and I am grateful for your time. But the sarcasm does not work on me.
  5. Not trying to protect them at all. Protecting me at this stage.
  6. Thanks again. Yes, I paid by cedit card after reading many horror stories on the web. Section 75 claim was already started but card company are more slippery than a wet kipper. I also sent the dealer rejection letter by post and a copy of everything was sent to the card company. Card company contacted the dealer who said they would refund me, but have not done so. Card company seems to think that means dealer is not in breach of contract. I disagree of course, but card company thinks that they have no responisbility under section 75. Trust me, I will get my money back.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I went to the dealers garage. I do not want to name them, but will at a later date. Because they delivered the car, I do not have to take the car back, they have to collect. Dealer is about 2 hours away. But you are correct in that main interest is recovering my money. As I paid by credit card, that should be easier. The thing is that I do not want responsibility for the car. They have had more than enough time to arange collection but have chosen not to. I cannot be expected to be accountable for the car that they have effectively aban
  8. I bought a used car a couple of weeks ago for £2500 from a car dealer (Ltd company). The car was delivered to me and the driver very quickly left. On checking the car moments later there were faults, such as the engine management light etc. I called the garage who confirmed that it happened on the way to me. I emailed and wrote to them rejecting the car and asking them to collect the car. They tried to palm me off with the offer of a repair, but I declined. Any car dealer who knowingly delivers a car that is faulty does not get any go at repairing w
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