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  1. They can sue me all they want. If loose, Company changes names and they can chase a ghost. But I will never pay them a penny and have not paid a penny of their bogus contract. Stopped the standing order or DD super fast with my bank. I believe FCA and Ofcom operate by volume. So once the volume gets big enough they will take interest. We must encourage everyone to complain to them.
  2. Be warned this company FUTURE COMMS as well AS O2 are a big Fraud. All positive reviews are enforced on their hundreds of staff and friends to do so. The fact there are so many 1 star reviews like mine proves this. This is not a personal Gripe. I will write their [problem] in full. My story all happened within the last two months. Step 1, Tele-marketing. They called me 6 times a week till I listened. Gaining my details from internet and company's house etc. The agent promised to move my x 5 company phone networks to 02 guaranteeing they will save me £360
  3. Future Comms or Future Conns as I call them are a Complete con. Please do not hessitate and contact FCA and Ofcom immediately whom are their regulators. Only by volume of complaints can any action be taken against them. So your single complaint counts for a lot.
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